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Learning is a process, which requires mental capability for it to happen. There are various means by which learning takes place for example there is learning from observation, intuition, or perhaps through experience. Learning is actually a continuous method, which occurs throughout the life of a person.

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In education, learning happens from the time one starts attending a classroom. This paper reflects on the experience that we have had on teaching college student to learn. With the first occasion, this is not a simple process because it involves making a student start his or her brain so that grasping of the instruction can take place well in your head.

Most students find it difficult to learn away of many causes. One of the purpose I have noticed make learners fail to learn how to read quickly is dread. Most of them have got fear to produce a mistake because they start studying. This fear hinders all of them from obtaining degree of learning that they are expected. Another component that influences the rate showing how children figure out how to read is the rate of mental development (Arends & Kilcher, 2009).

This is because kids have different rates of mental development. All those children who learn to browse faster than the others are the ones who have quicker rate of mental expansion. I have found that it is difficult to show children inside the same class room due to the several rates in which the children master.

Therefore , the things i do is always to attend to individual students. This enables those kids with low rate of learning to embarrass myself by additional who are able to master first. This also helps the students who will be quick scholars not to truly feel dragged by way of a counterparts who have are slower learners. Yet another thing that I possess noticed regarding students because they learn to browse is that they will not like a great deal supervision. When the students get freedom for more info by themselves they have a tendency to learn quicker than once as a tutor I try to push them and providing them with direction on how to learn.

Independence helps them to be more accessible to the learning method as they think they are not really intimidated. Additionally they find time for you to challenge each other as they try to memorize the words they have learned to read. Over the internet that the best way to enhance learning to students is usually to allow them carry out much of the learning by themselves. The work of the instructor would be to give directions, guideline them, and then allow them to take control.

The students likewise learn quicker when they are allowed to learn in groups. This allows the students to help each other to understand some of the difficult things when they are free. Children always embarrass myself when you prove to them, for example , to read some terms but the next day they have neglected. I have realized that this can make a student also take longer time to learn due to this embarrassment.

So I realized that the best thing a tutor can perform to prevent this is certainly to start with one of the most simple ideas of learning, then move slowly for the more difficult types. By this, students mind evolves, as the concepts are more difficult (Burns & Sandra, 2004). Slowly and gradually by gradually the student has the capacity to grasp possibly difficult concepts without much difficulty. A student as well needs a large amount of encouragement and praise whether or not he or she does not understand what is being taught. This kind of acts as a inspiring factor to a student to work harder.

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