Learning to Read and Write Summary Essay

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In “Learning to Read” an excerpt via his life, Frederick Douglass writes about the steps he took to figure out how to read and write. This individual shows every one of the steps in this excerpt. Having been a slave in a house; he didn’t have any opportunity to head to school or get any educations nevertheless the mistress at home helped him and taught him the alphabet. However Douglass’s learn asked his wife to halt teaching him. She paid attention to her husband and turns into inhuman, an evil female, Douglass wasn’t able to recognize her anymore.

Douglass writes, “She finally became even more chaotic in her opposition than her husband himself” (36). She improved and she became more evil, more violent compared to the master. But that didn’t make Douglass stop and stand hopelessly, he identified another way to study.

He deceived a kid from his area and makes that kid educate him tips on how to read and it gone well. From then on he continued to find even more way to learn, and try improving his reading. This individual found an e book named “The Columbian Orator”. He applied every opportunity he acquired try to check out this book and pay attention to the words inside. That was your final stage that he took to learn to read.

A lot of years later on, after this individual went to a shipyard and saw and board with words, words, and this individual wanted to publish. He attempted to copy the letters from the board. He didn’t prevent; he wanted to know more about composing. He discovered a boy and asked him to teach him write. The boy taught him to write all the abece letters.

Finally, the last step he accepted learn to write was that he had taken a book and copy every one of the words inside and try to keep in mind what the words and phrases looked like. That was long and not so easy time for him to learn tips on how to read and write but it didn’t end him coming from his involvement in reading and writing. Even though he didn’t have any kind of opportunity as being a slave to obtain education, he became solid and found any way that could support him to find out.

He read on and publishing until he could read and compose excellently. Finally he been successful in learning the right way to write. Douglass, Frederick. “Learning to Read. ”

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