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In the novel Of Mice and Men, by simply John Stienbeck, a emotionally challenged man, Lennie, manages to lose his purity and his desire, of using his own ranch with rabbits, if he accidentally fails a womans neck. Inside the novel Plants or Algernon, by Daniel Keyes, one other mentally questioned man, Steve, loses his innocence and dreams, of being like everyone else, when, throughout the aid of the operation, knows people were making fun of him instead of being his friends.

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Although, in both instances innocence and dreams were the loss, all their innocence was also the underlying reason for the loss. Lennie is a very loveable character, who has hope and dreams. He wants to go on a farm with George and raise rabbits. This individual looks at his plans because reachable even though it seems not possible because after he kills Curleys partner, Lennie continue to thinks he can have a ranch and rabbits, while using assurance of George.

Although Lennie never extends to his desire, he dead with the considered achievement. Steve on the other hand, offers dreams of being smart just like everyone else. This individual tries very difficult in school and when offered the possibility of having an operation to make him smart, this individual jumps in the opportunity. Although his instructor influences him, she had little effects.

As opposed to Lennie, Charlie reaches his dream yet ends up damaged hearted when his fantasy doesnt previous.

Lennie had a soft spot for pampering animals and soft issues. He is totally oblivious to the fact that this individual hurts nearly every thing this individual touches. He previously pet rodents and ended up killing all of them and when he played with the pup he ended up getting rid of it as well.

His uncontrolled strength also brought on him to kill Curleys wife. Lennies fingers droped to patting her hair

he stroked harder Let go! the lady cried.

.. The lady struggled strongly..

. and then the girl was still, to get Lennie had broken her neck. (Page 91). While using death of Curleys better half, Lennies chasteness was used.

He previously unwillingly killed. He had to pay the retail price, by burning off his your life.

Charlie lived in a paradise-like globe, he even though he had a large number of friends. The one thing he felt he was missing was brains.

If he was offered the chance to become smart he jumped on the chance to become like everyone else. Unprepared for the changes cleverness would provide, Charlie lost his purity. When he realizes his close friends dont in fact like him they simply liked to generate fun of him. And what was that Joe as well as the rest of them were carrying out.

Laughing at me personally. And the children playing hide-and-go-seek were lounging tricks on me and so they were having a laugh at me personally too

I experienced naked. In the innocence, he previously requested smartness, and with it came up the loss of his innocence and then shame then simply anger.

In both cases Lennie and Charlie were tempted in their innocence. In both instances their purity and dreams were dropped.

Both Charlie and Lennie counted on somebody at some point in your daily course and misplaced faith in brief. They the two obtained accurate happiness eventually, whether it is having a thought or perhaps an action. Charlie was genuinely happy if he started to become intelligent. Lennie was truly cheerful at in that case end once George described the farm.

The being of both stories had been bittersweet. Equally characters happen to be lost. Lennie is useless, killed by simply his closest friend, the one he trusted the most. Charlie is lost and cant endure to face the earth he when knew as good.

Equally leave Steve heads to New York, with a last ask for flower being place on Algernons grave, and Lennie dead, with photo of himself feeding the rabbits in the ranch. The ending of both tales bring cry to your eyes.

Even though both characters have many commonalities, their major difference is at their realization of their dreams. Charlie reached his desire being intelligent, only to reduce more that he attained.

Lennie never had a chance to get to his dream, he died to soon. In both equally cases chasteness and dreams were lost. It seems to be the more faithful you will be the more you lose.

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