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Leon Trotsky, Marxism

Leon Trotsky was a man betrayed with a country that he helped build. A Marxist murdered by his own persons. Leon cherished his country probably more than his wives or girlfriends and children. He had a large number of achievements and an stimulating past. Trotsky was a military man and writer which has a passion to get Russia. He was born about November several, 1879 in Bereskleva Ukraine. His father and mother were the Jewish people David and Anna Bronstein. David was created 1847 and passed 1922, and Ould – was born 1850 and died 1910 (Anna Lev Bronstein). His actual name was Lev Davidovich Bronstein. Leon was raised in Bereslavka and went to university at 8 and ended highschool at 17 to go to Odessa University or college.

While at Odessa, Leon found Marxism(Communism) and he started to believe in it using a passion. However after a couple of years of college he was sent to prison for preaching about Marxism back in 1898. He was after changed to a prison in Siberia to be presently there for four years. Inside the Siberian prison he met his initially wife, Alexandra Lvovna (Leon Trotsky). Along with his wife, Leon had two daughters in the prison. In 1902 this individual escaped coming from prison and left behind his first relatives to go back to talking Marxism. As they did not wish to be caught shortly after he had simply escaped this individual changed call him by his name to Leon Trotsky (Leon Trotsky). This individual went to London to avoid get for escaping. There he met his second better half, Natalia Ivanovna, and had two more kids, but this time we were holding both boys.

Someone else that Leon met in London was Vladimir Lenin Lenin too was a Marxist and agreed with Leon numerous things and from this they will started to become good friends. He remained in London for a bit with the group that he and Lenin were in until in 1905, revolutionaries in Spain were killed at a march (Leon Trotsky). Having been angry and went back to Russia to stop the bloodshed. This individual became the leader of the motion against the authorities in Russian federation and attempted to start a innovation (Leon Trotsky). The rebellion was smashed and having been once again repaid to Siberia. But , during his trail, Leon built an amazing presentation that impressed many of the bigger ups (Leon Trotsky). This individual escaped in 1907 and spent a little while in exile outside of Russian federation, waiting for circumstances to cool down (Leon Trotsky).

While having been in exil, he had written articles in Russian revolutionary magazines (Leon Trotsky). In 1917 the Tsar was overthrown. Trotsky headed to Spain, but secret Russian operatives told United kingdom agents to apprehend him in Canada (Leon Trotsky). Having been there to get a month before the provisional federal government in Spain wanted his release. This individual got to Russian federation and

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