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Glaucoma, Prostate Cancers, Cervical Cancer, Chronic Renal Disease

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Public health screening activities in courses are also vital in making sure this level of prevention is definitely ensured. An example is arranged screening applications targeted at the city.

The third amount of prevention, tertiary prevention, involves bother rehabilitative and healing measures once the person currently has the symptoms and signs of the disease. Tertiary prevention features several goals, which include stopping damage and pain which may arise in the disease, reducing the progression of the disease, preventing the condition from causing complications, supplying optimum attention to people with signs of the condition, and supporting those with the disease to live healthy and balanced lives after. A quintessential example of tertiary preventive activities includes treating diabetics to prevent complications that occur resulting from the disease such as liver and kidney failure. Other good examples are administration of individuals with persistent heart disease with therapy and medicine, physical and occupational remedy as rehab for individuals who suffered from accidents and stroke. Therapies of individuals is also a sort of tertiary avoidance since it is usually aimed at supplying high quality and appropriate emotional care.

The tertiary degree of prevention in community overall health nursing involves modifying the chance factors of any disease to assist the patient lose weight, make changes to their environment to make that clean and safe. This is carried out through well being promotion activities, rehabilitation, and counseling of patients to stop possible undesirable outcomes with their disease. For the community wellness nurse, tertiary prevention can be aimed at boosting the quality of life of the sufferer (Baker, 1992). This can be made by conducting follow-up examples of the patient to identify potential risk factors and disease progression prices, implementing well being service business changes to increase access to better quality of treatment, referral of patient to specialist treatment centers and making sure control of high-risk sites including tattoo parlors that may be sites for contracting diseases.


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