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LGBT is actually a community which in turn consist of Saphic girls, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. Moreover, LGBT is a global craze issue nowaday and some persons start to speak about it. For the reason that they are minimal community which usually get mistakenly judged by the society. In addition the existence of LGBT triggers some pros and cons between communities on the globe. As a result, there are several elements must be considered before doing any actions toward the LGBT communities.

The initially element that people need to consider before carrying out any activities toward the LGBT community is religion. The majority of faith based people go against sb/sth ? disobey the existence of LGBT because of their religions. Some of this kind of religious persons decided which the government need to ban LGBT, like just how nearly 3 dozen spiritual institutions of higher learning have got asked the us government to waive laws that protect LGBT students in USA because of the religious beliefs. However , that they failed to consider that there are a large number of religions which exist in this world and that we cannot produce a generalization based on what some beliefs think of LGBT. For example , in Hinduism, there is also a clear emphasis upon bisexuality and mix and match, the Indio society think that bisexuality is usually hidden in every aspect of creation, which means bisexuality is out there in every person’s nature. The Hindu contemporary society acknowledge the sexuality between men and third genders as a variant of male- feminine sex and in addition they believe that it is a part of heterosexuality, not homosexuality. Although the Indio society would not formally recognize sexuality among men[[1]]. Another example, in Aussie Aboriginal, the rainbow snake god Ungud is identified as androgynous (possessing the sexual intercourse organs of both sexes). [[2]] The thing is that it is not really okay for making generalization like “LGBT can be wrong inside the perspective coming from all religions and have to suspend it, inch because most certainly not all religions have the same thoughts and opinions regarding the LGBT community.

The second element that people ought to consider is, sexual orientation is not a choice and homosexuality is usually not a mental illness. Most people still think that homosexuality is a mental health issues and homosexual people choose their lovemaking orientation. There are a great number of theories about the origin of sexual positioning. Most of researchers today consent that sex orientation is most probably the result of a complex interaction of environmental, intellectual and biological factors. [[3]] Regarding the affiliation of homosexuality and mental illness, in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association taken out homosexuality in the official manual that email lists mental and emotional disorders since ahead of that time homosexuality was considered as a mental illness. [[4]] Two years afterwards, the American Psychological Organizations support the removal of homosexuality through the list of mental and psychological disorder. [[5]] Since then both associations possess urged every mental health professionals to help remove the stigma of mental condition that a lot of people still affiliate with homosexuality.

Just about every human being have the same basic individual rights to love and be adored, and if they may be part of the lesbian, gay or perhaps bisexual then certainly not necessarily their choice. If they could choose, of course they can choose heterosexuality since no one would want to move through what the lesbian, gay and bisexual have hot through. They’ve been bullied and discriminated more than something that they may have no control over. Tolerating the LGBT community will not cause you to be less spiritual but hating or even harming them is not something a religious person would perform. Even though religions have different sights regarding the existence of the LGBT community yet all religions have one thing in common: not any religions educate their visitors to commit a great act of violence neither hatred. In the event that someone can be described as part of the LGBT community yet also area of the religion that against the existence of LGBT then it can be their concern with their own Gods, not yours. Accepting the LGBT does not mean that you agree with all of them or support them, it merely requires means that you are a decent human being.

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