Life is a Gift Essay

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A lot more a gift.

Costly honor; a spark; an excitement. Most of us have a global of our own. A wise creator, Albert Camus, once stated, “you will never be happy in the event you continue to look for what pleasure consists of. You will not live if you are searching for the meaning of life” (Albert Camus).

Life is about living to your fullest capabilities; why spend our time looking for this is of each breathing we take? Everyone is a element of life. Every life includes a world of its very own.

I believe the meaning of life, described by Victor E. Frankl, is to locate meaning within our own life. Each and every person on this world has a meaning to his own existence, and is an exceptional and independent individual. And thus, the question comes, “Who am i not? ” The answer then is I. I actually am who also I am, and not one individual can ever before change that.

My life is exceedingly meaningful, and is composed of a series of rituals, experiences, an abundant amount of mistakes, and a lot of various thoughts. According to the article, The Rite of Passage, a habit “help[s] all of us understand the within our lives and present meaning to experiences” we undergo. Traditions express who we are today, as well as the aggregate, final amount of our actions, feelings, and thoughts which enables each person nowadays, a single, individual person. A good example of a major habit and life-changing event in the Odyssey may be the trial of the bow. Throughout this scene, a disguised Odysseus surpassed a hard task, as he without hard work strung the challenging ribbon and bow.

Odysseus, following laying the arrow for the arch, taken the enormous bow “with careful aim, not miss[ing] an axe’s ring via first to last” (Homer 2011). This scene makes a change in not merely Odysseus’s lifestyle, but as well his boy, Telemachus, wonderful wife, Penelope. The trial of the bend is an important Rite of Passage, offering value to each one among their lives.

Just like Odysseus, I have progressed through a numerous amount of rituals, along with encounters, mistakes, truths and activities, all prior to the fourteen year old girl I am today. Although each person provides a different thoughts and opinions on what surrounds all of us, I believe the size of the whole world is full of the unknown. The earth is a frightening place to take, it encloses us in, with nothing but mystery.

This can be a frightening point, to move about with your existence not knowing what will happen in the next few moments, yet that is what life is everything regarding; the not known. We surround ourselves with questions that may never be answered; however we need to learn how to live life in the present, not taking into consideration the future jointly step put into effect. No one nowadays is reckless, in fact , in respect to They would. L. Mencken, “The 1 permanent feeling of the inferior man is fear – fear of the unknown, the complex, the inexplicable.

What he wants above everything else is safety” (H. T. Mencken). In agreement to Mencken, nothing at all in this world is secure; we squander seconds; minutes; hours; possibly days worrying about our fears.

Worrying about the fears of the unknown. I believe we can’t relate to this unknown universe, however , we could live with it. Rather than waking up everyday wondering the actual unknown is, we need to awaken everyday centering on what we do understand, and interpreting that data into whatever we understand. In order to find the meaning within our lives, we each want control over existence. I control my life totally.

I cause me to feel own decisions, choose my own individual actions, and control my reactions. We have full control over our very own lives. However , the one believe we do not include control over is definitely other people’s actions and decisions. Although we have the energy in our individual lives, others may effect our decision, choices, and conclusions.

Most of these factors have an effect on whom were, along with the fact that we can’t control others reactions, which may cause poor influence upon us. For example , in the new, The Journey, Odysseus sails a long trip home, facing many disruptions, challenges, and adventures. This individual encounters a number of monsters that stop him in his course, including Cyclops, The Sirens, and Poseidon.

Although Odysseus can control his actions, and the approach he battles, he has a weakness with regards to his oppositions. Just like Odysseus, we can control our activities and answers, but when it comes to having others involves, we have no control of how they can work and make their options. Living life openly, with no misgivings, and achieving all of our desired goals. That is a fulfilling life.

Choosing risks, without having to worry, loving yourself, being happy with our accomplishments, and experiencing all different thoughts is what a lot more all about. Numerous various feelings occur throughout existence; we need pleasure, excitement, fears, anger, and in many cases tears to lead a fulfilling life. In the 3rd party reading new, entitled Speak; Melinda Sordino writes about emotions and feelings, “When people don’t express themselves, they will die one particular piece by a time” (Anderson 58). Melinda believes the reasons we all need to express themselves is because everybody needs to encounter all kinds of thoughts in order to have interaction and stay alive. In the Odyssey, The two Odysseus and Telemachus are involved by an overwhelming amount of emotions.

Without the emphasis with their feelings without the novel, the storyplot would have a smaller amount meaning and would not be as dramatic. Emotions add to our day-to-day conversations and feelings to each other. We require them to live a fulfilling, enjoyable lifestyle.

I believe, to find the meaning of my life, I have to sit back, relax, and let the issue answer on its own. In order to endure, and live for as long as possible, I have to appreciate my life in the present. Not become thinking about the long term, and exactly where life is gonna take me personally; but live life as it is delivered to me, instead of bringing personally to my life. By being affected person and allowing my life come to me in the future, I am sure to survive for a for a longer time, happier, plus more exciting time period.

Yet, by the end to each person’s life, the knowledge of fatality must affect. Getting themselves ready for this kind of unpredictable working day is very easy, as long as we’ve accomplished anything that we have attempted to achieve, death may look whenever seems the need to. It is just a misfortunate point, though, as being a deaths develop so quickly and instantly, we do not have got time to declare our goodbyes. Nor do the victims have got time to obtain their desired goals, and spread wishes.

A good example of a sudden death is in the new entitles Shed for Terms, by Alice Kuipers. In the story, Sophie’s older sibling died traumatically in a immediate train bombing. Due to the loss of life, it cut Sophie’s friends and family apart. They will stopped speaking with each other, and everything started to be awkward between her and her mom.

Because of the unforeseen death at such a age, her sister was, sorrowfully, certainly not ready for her time to come. Your woman may never have achieved her goals is obviously, and got to consider as many dangers as life leads her too, making it an even greater tragedy for Sophie and her relatives. There were a number of dreadful fatalities in the Odyssey as well. These kinds of included Odysseus’ crew, Odysseus’ mother, and a lot of suitors. By reading most of these disastrous displays and testimonies about loss of life, I have learned that in order to get back together myself to get the inevitability of fatality, I need to begin living warring with many dangers, and no regrets.

By living my life without the doubts, and enjoying living in the present, I am able to be sure to live a long, rewarding life, ready for the fortune of fatality for whenever it determines to doom on me personally. I believe this is of existence, is to discover meaning within our own, person lives. By simply waiting for existence to come to me personally, and savoring the present in a way of joy, enjoyment, and risks, I am able to be sure to sooner or later come to a full comprehension of why My spouse and i am below, living today. Each existence has a associated with its own, and person his own life.

Each person in this world will have another type of story to share, and a different sort of meaning and impact on our world today.

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