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Haunted by adversaries and insecure by friars, Rizal was forced to keep Philippines to get the second period. It was February 1888 then. Rizal by 27 was an embittered victim of human iniquities, a frustrated dreamer, and a frustrated reformer. This is the start of Rizal’s second travelling. On February 3, 1888, after 6 months of live in Calamba, Rizal left Manila for Hong Kong on board the Zafiro. Having been sad and sick during the crossing from the choppy China Sea. This individual did not log off the deliver when it manufactured a stopover at Amoy, because he was sick, it had been raining and the city was dirty.

He arrived in Hk on Feb 8. In Hong Kong, Rizal stayed for Victoria Lodge. He was welcomed by the Philippine community in Hong Kong. During this time, a Spaniard, Jose Varanda, was tailing Rizal’s motions in Hk. It is presumed that he was ordered to spy on Rizal.

On February 18, Rizal accompanied by Basa, boarded the ferry steamer Kiu-Kiang pertaining to Macao.

He was astonished to see a familiar figure among the passengers—Sainz para Varanda. Rizal described Macao as a small , and low and gloomy. There are many junks, sampans, but few steamers, i think sad and is almost dead-like. The two remained in with the home of Don Juan Francisco Lecaros who had been married into a Portuguese woman. During his two day stay in Macao, he visited the cinema, casino, cathedral and churches, pagodas and botanical backyards and the bazaars. He also saw the popular Grotto of Camoens. At night of February 19, this individual witnessed a Catholic retraite wherein the devotees had been dressed in green and purple dresses and were holding unlighted candle lights. On February 20, Rizal and Basa returned to Hong Kong aboard the ferry steamer Kiu-Kiang.

A Milestone in Honor of Rizal’s Visit in Hong Kong Rizal stayed in Hong Kong for two weeks. Presently there he studied the China way of life, terminology, drama and customs. Rizal noticed a lot of experiences and wrote these people in his journal. Some of them range from the noisy party of the Oriental New Year which lasted from February 11th to 13th. There were continuous explosion of firecrackers and he himself fired various at the windows of his hotel. This individual also seen the lively Chinese movie theater, the workshop Lauriat get together, which was the longest meals in the world; the Dominican Buy was the richest religious order in Hong Kong, and the cemeteries. On Feb . 22, 1888, Rizal still left Hong Kong on board the Oceanic, an American steamer and his destination was The japanese. Rizal did not like the dishes on board but liked the ship since it was clean and efficiently managed.

Chapter 11 In Hong Kong and Macao 1888

Hounded by strong enemies, Rizal was required to leave his country for the second time in February 1888. He was then the full- produced man of 27 years old, a training physician, and a recognized man-of-letters. The first time this individual went up to speed in 06 1882, having been a mere lad of 21, a vibrant student searching for wisdom inside the Old Globe, a romantic idealist with amazing dreams of emancipating his persons from bondage by the magic power of his pen. Instances had transformed. Rizal for 27 was an embittered victim of human iniquities, a frustrated dreamer, a flustrated reformer.

The Visit to Hong Kong. On February several, 1888, after having a short stay of half a year in his much loved Calamba, Rizal left Manila for Hong Kong on board the Zafiro. He was sick and sad through the crossing from the choppy China and tiawan Sea. This individual did not move away from his send when it manufactured brief stop-off, layover at Amoy on March 7. for 3 reasons: (1) he was certainly not feeling very well, (2) it was raining hard, and (3) he observed that the city was dirty. He found its way to Hong Kong about February 8.

During his stay in Hk, a British colony, Rizal had written a notice to Blumentritt, dated March 16, 1888, expressing his bitterness.

In Hong Kong, Rizal stayed in Victoria Motel. He was welcomed by the Filipino residents, including Jose Karen Basa, Balbino Mauricio, and Manuel Yriarte, (son of Francisco Yriarte, alcalde gran of Laguna).

A Spaniard, Jose Sainz de Varanda, who was a former secretary of Governor General Terrero, shadowed Rizal’s movements in Hong Kong. It is believed that he was commissioned by the Spanish specialists to track Rizal.

Hong Kong, wrote Rizal to Blumentritt on February 16, 1888, is a small , but very clean metropolis. Many Costa da prata, Hindus, English, Chinese, and Jews stay in it. There are some Filipinos, the majority of whom staying those who have been exiled for the Marianas Islands in 1872. They are poor, gentle, and timid. Earlier known as they were wealthy mechanics


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