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In a film, properly lighting plays an important function as it really helps to portray the required mood and emotion (Jackman, 2010). For instance , when recording for a fear scene, you will have a use of creepy background music and recording in darker or low-level of light to showcase the terrifying and creepy atmosphere pertaining to the audience. First of all, we can look into the audio. There are many different sort of sounds utilized in making a film (Holman Holman, 2010). Appear can be in a form of liaison, background music and sound effects that are used to match the related action that may be happening inside the film (Holman Holman, 2010). Throughout the whole storyline, it will have different music and sound clips used. The scenes in this film happen to be split into 3 kinds.

First we certainly have the scene with just actions and no dialogue, it is important that the audience may hear the sound effect and also the sound in the actions the lead has been doing. At Field 2, Vin is looking through his laptop on the advertisement. There will be requirements of him typing within the keyboard. There will also be sounds on Vin pulling his luggage which will travelling to the landlord house, him knocking on the door as well as the landlord banging on the door. Also in Scene eight, there will be a use of a shocking appear effect of the owner getting surprised at who also Vin actually so as to even more emphasis on the energy on the landlord

The second kind of scene is those with activities and conversation which there are only few scenes. Seeing that these are the scenes that needed the lead to talk, it is important that the place is no noises polluted in order that there will not really be needless sound inside scene.

The last of scenes that we have is just phrases. These displays are inside the first and last displays of the film. The background music for this is definitely something soft and normal sound. In that case, we look into lighting. Diverse forms of lighting will present several scenarios within a film (Jackman, 2010). It is vital to have lighting in the online video as if there is not lighting, almost all we see in a film will just be a black photo (Jackman, 2010). We will be applying natural light to carry out our filming thus it will probably be shoot each day and evening where the mild are the brightest. However we all will have to consume consideration of certain problems that might impact the natural lighting like the weather conditions and the showing rays that is to be captured by the camera when ever filming by specific perspectives. Since almost all of the scene will not likely showcase the lead’s face, it is important that we certainly have the perfect lamps to highlight the actions of what he is undertaking.

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