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No matter what researchers obtain in life, they may be certainly the consequence of loving, love, and qualified people who have experienced the years nurturing, realizing the dreams and aspiration. These are the people who have prompted, bolster the self- self confidence, and lift the spirit in times of misunderstandings, helplessness, and vulnerability. That they express kind words, extend a helping hand, loan ears, and believe the ability of the investigator as a person, and most of most as a college student. They are without a doubt, the agent of theresearcher’s unfolding.

This research will not be feasible without the kind assistance and untiring support of good friends who hue strength to make this examine a reality. Hence, the experts wish to exhibit deep appreciation to the great and uncountable blessings of the Lord, throughout the writing of this research. Saying thanks to the Lord to get the sound head and well being bestowed towards the researchers.

Greatest gratitude to Miss Sharmaine teacher on her encouragement and guidance.

Mrs. Elegance G. Alutaya for providing constructive and valuable recommendations in improving the write-ups and content of the study. The researchers parents to get the absolute, wholehearted love and unwavering support.

And to all of the person who helped the analysts, a treasured thanks and appreciations to all or any.


The project aimed to consider ink since charcoal, pros and cons of using charcoal while ink, and the effectiveness from the finish merchandise to the business ink available for sale. The study launched made use of the descriptive- trial and error method. Your research done necessary the following materials to built the experiment successful. Some materials needed were simply accessible in the kitchen. Few of elements needed had been recycled. A lot of tools required were bought to ensure appropriate measurement with the product tested. The data obtained for the analysis charcoal since substitute to pentel dog pen ink will be presented, assessed and viewed in this chapter. The study was conducted in the house of the exploration leader, Purok- 8, Cayutan, Cagniog, Surigao City Depending on the conclusions, the three fluids such as normal water, kerosene and gasoline are generally not the best choice to become experimented when it comes to let an unused pentel ink reusable again. The researchers as a result recommend to work with alcohol the best way way to reuse once again the pentel pen.


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CHAPTER My spouse and i


Background in the Study

Pentel pen is very helpful to everyone specifically to students and educators. Thus one of the primary reason with the research group to came to this examine is the performance to the research workers. The research workers find trouble choosing the product to be examined and to become experimented. The best choice of the research team came to this kind of problem for the leader itself uses charcoal as replacement to melted petroleum gas in their home for cooking. And curiously got the idea to find out further, the uses of charcoal to our lives specifically nowadays suffering from crisis. And out of curiosity, your research leader recently had an idea what happens if he could discover charcoal pentel pencil ink substitute. And this will be proven the moment experiments will probably be thoroughly created by the group.

Review of Related Literature

All natural wood a lot has been used since 30, 000 BC. Originally found in cave images, by 3, 500 BC wood a lot, was commonly used as a fuelthroughout Europe and Asia. The Egyptians ever done it in Flat iron smelting in addition to producing cup. It brought the world in to the Bronze Age group around two, 000 BC. By 500 BC forest management was evident, as a result guaranteeing the provision of the most important fuel in history. Two thousand years ago, real wood charcoal genuinely took off. In AD 43-410, the Romans were coppicing on a genuinely grand size (Coppicing is usually cutting a tree, typically old expansion tree, to ground level. This kind of 2invigorates the rose, and the root system is directed to growing many new locations. These sets grow strongly allowing for faster and plentiful coppicing every 7 to 20 years). Wood charcoal had not been only the gasoline of choice at the moment, but was likewise used in making tar intended for caulking and a thinner version is used in embalming. It was found in dyes, and as construction materials in rainy areas where decaying was an issue. During this period wooden charcoal was also employed in filtration and purification of liquids for the first time.

From 1900 to present day time, wood a lot has been changed as the fuel of preference to electric power the civilized world. Solid wood charcoal, however , finds a new importance in its uses in filtration and purification, horticulture, and dog feed, and pharmaceuticals, as well as its continued use in lesser-developed countries being a major plus more healthful energy source than wood and fossil fuels. Inside the other hand, in accordance to Wikipedia, many historic cultures around the globe have on their own discovered and formulated ink for the purposes of writing and drawing. The information of the ink, their quality recipes and the processes for their creation comes from archaeological analysis or from drafted text alone. The history of Chinese inks can be followed back to the 12th hundred years BC, with all the utilization of normal plant (plant dyes), pet, and vitamin inks based upon such supplies as graphite that were ground with drinking water and used with printer ink brushes. Facts for the first Chinese ink, similar to modern inksticks, is around 256 BC in the end with the Warring States Period and produced using manual labour from soot and dog glue.

3The India ink used in old India seeing that at least the next century BC was referred to as masi, and was made of burnt our bones, tar, frequency, and other substances. Indian papers written in Kharosthi with ink had been unearthed inChinese Turkestan. The practice of writing with ink and a sharp aimed needle was common in early South India.[4] Several Jain sutras in India had been compiled in ink.[5] In ancient Ancient rome, atramentum was used. Not much was known concerning this ink mainly because no one has used it within a long time. Regarding 1, six hundred years ago, a favorite ink formula was created. The recipe was used for centuries. Iron salts, including ferrous sulfate (made by simply treating straightener with sulfuric acid), were mixed with tannin from gallnuts (they expand on trees) and a thickener. Once first offer paper, this ink is definitely bluish-black. After some time it fades to a boring brown. Scribes in middle ages Europe (about AD 800 to 1500) wrote principally on parchment or vellum. One 12th century ink recipe required hawthorn branches to be cut in the spring and still left to dry. Then this bark was pounded from your branches and soaked in water pertaining to eight times. The water was boiled until it thickened and turned black. Wine was added during boiling. The ink was poured into special bags and installed in the sun. When dried, the mixture was mixed with wine beverage and straightener salt more than a fire to help make the final ink. The tank pen, which can have been the first fountain pen, goes back to 953, when Ma’ād al-Mu’izz, the caliph of Egypt, demanded a pen that would not stain his hands or perhaps clothes, and was supplied with a pencil that placed ink in a reservoir.


In the 15th century, a brand new type of tattoo had to be produced in European countries for the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. Two types of ink were prevalent at the time: the Greek and Roman publishing ink (soot, glue, and water) plus the 12th hundred years variety made up of ferrous sulfate, gall, chewing gum, and water. Neither of these handwriting ink could comply with printing surfaces without creating blurs. Ultimately an greasy, varnish-like printer ink made of soot, turpentine, and walnut olive oil was created especially for the stamping press. Until a few years ago, consumers acquired very little interest in ink apart from refills for his or her pens. Water fountain pens started to be a uniqueness as the disposable ball point dog pen took over the industry. The introduction of residence computing triggered home stamping. Today, in developed international locations, most homes and businesses have a printing functionality. As a result, buying ink in the form of a printer cartridge has again become a section of the day-to-day buying experience, comparable to buying a container of tattoo fifty yrs ago. Ink stocking services intended for printer carts are offered by significant, official printingcompanies as well as more compact, “unofficial refill companies. Customers can often cut printing costs by using fill up services coming from a re-fill company, or buying the fresh non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) brands instead of refilling.

The refilling of ink cartridges and the use of continuous ink supply systems for inkjet printers is extremely common in many countries, with the exception of the United States. Since printer producers control the sort of competition that they allow on retail racks to a great extent, devices to ease the make use of refill ink are usually limited online.

a few

Statement from the Problem

This examine sought to reply to the following questions:

a. Can Liquor with charcoal be considered as ink?

b. Exactly what the advantages and disadvantages of using alcohol with charcoal since ink? c. Which is more efficient the business ink or perhaps the alcohol with charcoal ink?

Significance from the Study

The researchers hope the findings with this research and study would have been a great curiosity and beneficial usefulness towards the following:

Research workers.

The result of this research and study will enable the researchers to present recommendations that may serve as basis for the effective way of using the said study.


To enable them to notice that charcoal because ink is useful to a pupil to minimize shopping for commercial ink since this is expensive over-the-counter.


To enable the teachers to utilized this technique at home for their own satisfaction and practice combination cutting at home.

Community. The effect of this research and study will permit the community to optimize the use of a lot as ink 6instead of relying on business ink that are highly priced nowadays.

Scope and Limitation

This analyze focused on charcoal can be considered while ink, the advantages and disadvantages of using a lot as ink, and the success of grilling with charcoal as printer ink compared to commercial ink in the market.

Definition of Terms

A lot ” is the dark greyish residue composed of impure co2 obtained simply by removing normal water and other volatile constituents via animal and vegetationsubstances.

Printer ink -is a liquid which has pigments and / or dyes and it is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or perhaps design. Tattoo is used pertaining to drawing or writing having a pen, comb or quill.

Volatile- means changing or perhaps changeable

Alcohol-is an organic compound in which the hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is likely to a carbon atom. Particularly, this co2 center must be saturated, having single provides to three different atoms.

Ethyl -an ethyl group is an alkyl substituent extracted fromethane (C2H6). It has the formula “C2H5 and is usually abbreviated Ain. Ethyl is utilized in the IUPAC nomenclature of organic hormone balance for a condensed two-carbon moiety in a molecule, whilst the prefix “eth- is used to point the presence of two carbon atoms in the molecule.




Research Design

The study released made use of the descriptive- trial and error method. In connection to the study the analysts find relevance and appropriateness of the approach since it included the collection with the data, presentation, analysis, and interpretation with the conditions which exist.

A. Materials

The research performed need the next materials to made the experiment successful. Some materials needed were just easily obtainable in the kitchen. Couple of materials needed were recycled. Some tools needed had been bought to make sure proper dimension of the merchandise tested.

Elements used:

¢Alcohols ( ethyl and rubbing)


Equipment used:

¢Mortar and pestle

¢Graduated cylinder


¢Bowl, tissue paper/ rug




The experiment made was performed at a spacious place away from the kids. The data accumulated through try things out and analysis. The study introduced make employed of the descriptive- experimental method. In connection to the study the researchers find relevancy and appropriateness of the method as it involved the gathering of the info, presentation, evaluation, and interpretation of the circumstances that exist.


B. you Preparation in the Materials

1 . 1 . Gather all materials in one place that may be free from kids. Occupy a spacious area in which no person will bother your work. M. 2 Prep of the Powdered Charcoal

2 . 1 . Pound the charcoal within a mortar together with the pestle. Undertake it until the grilling with charcoal is very great to feel.

B. 3 Testing of the Fluids

several. 1 . Try the grilling with charcoal to the two alcohol to get tested (rubbing & ethyl alcohol) B. 4 Putting on the two alcohols to Conventional paper

5. 1 . Apply the pentel pen to a paper to check which from the two alcohols is effective.


M. 5 Data Collection




Research is always element of being a student. Thus, the researchers preparean experiment through this processes. First, prep of components is done


Flowchart of Strategy

Preparation of the materials

Preparation with the Powdered Grilling with charcoal

Testing from the alcohols

Application of the two alcohols to Paper

Data Collection







The info gathered pertaining to the study grilling with charcoal as replace to pentel pen printer ink are provided, analyzed and interpreted in this chapter.

Table 1

Testing the alcohol with charcoal

The liquid Trial one particular Trial two

Charcoal with ethyl alcohol

The researchers put 1 tablespoon of charcoal for the unused pad case with minimum amount of alcoholic beverages just above the amount of the charcoal and mixed. Pentel pen happens to be soon when it was tested to write on the connect paper. The researchers added 1 tea spoon of a lot to determine whetherif there is difference when a bigger amount of charcoal be put to the alcoholic beverages, and promoted worked. Grilling with charcoal with chaffing alcohol The researchers place 1 tablespoon of charcoal towards the unused pad case with minimum quantity of alcohol just over a amount from the charcoal and mixed. Pentel pen works as soon when it was tested to write down on the connection paper. The researchers added 1 tea spoon of grilling with charcoal to determine if if there is big difference when a greater amount of charcoal be put to the alcohol, and it truly worked.

The experiments revealed that alcoholic beverages is a good liquid substance to become mixed with grilling with charcoal to be able to come up with a good result.





The experiment was conducted to determine if alcoholic beverages with grilling with charcoal can be considered because ink, furthermore to know the disadvantages and advantages of applying charcoal as ink also to be able to find out which is far better the business ink and also the charcoal tattoo. `


Based on these findings three liquids; normal water, kerosene, and are also not the best choice to be experimented when it comes to let an untouched pentel printer ink reusable again. We advise using liquor as best method to used again again the pentel pen. In addition , liquor and a lot can help empty pentel coop work. And aside from the declaration, the color from the ink would not change into dark even if the a lot itself is black. This still stayed at as is.


Based on study carried out alcohol is a good liquid that reacted to charcoal. It is therefore summed up that among the four liquids experimented alcoholic beverages is really a very good solution to be mixed with grilling with charcoal.



1 . A study needs to be conducted carefully to test the effectiveness of the two alcohols to the abandoned pentel coop.

2 . additional recommended game titles include:

2 . 1 Alcohol as best first-aid to pentel pen not working

2 . 2 . Charcoal because substitute to shoe polisher 2 . several Charcoal because substitute to crayons



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