list and explain the four information systems

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Your TPS (Transactional Support System) Electronic systems that perform and Answer: record daily routine transactions necessary to carry out the business; they will serve on the organization’s operational level LOS (Management Details System) The study of information systems focusing on their particular use in business and administration DSS (Decision Support System)Information systems in the organization’s supervision level that combine info and advanced analytical types or info analysis tools to support semistructured and unstructured decision making ESS (Executive Support System) Information systems at the organizations ideal level created to address unstructured decision making through advanced design and sales and marketing communications

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¢Sales and promoting information systems are systems that ensure that the firm recognize customers intended for the organization’s products and services.

This kind of systems assist to identify consumer preferences, potential customers, sell the items or providers, and provide support to sales agents and clients.

¢Manufacturing and production details systems will be systems which provide information for planning, application, production or service organizing, and manipulating the flow of goods and providers.

¢Finance and accounting data systems manage an company financial property and pay for flows.

¢Human resources information systems preserve employee data, track worker skills, task performance, teaching, employee settlement including retirement benefits and benefits, legal and regulatory requirements, and profession development.


Comments: You confusing the question a little bit. Yes, all of the systems happen to be defined via constituency point of view; however they may exist for every business practical area. Problem asked to explain how these kinds of systems would serve every area. Partial credit. See the possible answer below Potential information devices are devices that help the firm determine customers to get the company products and services. Such systems help to identify client preferences, potential customers, sell the products or providers, and provide support to salesmen and clients. Manufacturing and production info systems are systems offering information pertaining to planning, product development, production or service booking, and controlling the flow of goods and services. Finance and accounting data systems keep an eye on an organization’s financial resources and account flows. Human resources information devices maintain employee records, trail employee skills, job efficiency, training, employee compensation including pensions and benefits, legal and regulating requirements, and career advancement.

2 Query: TCO W: The text identifies Michael Porter’s view with the Internet because somewhat

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negative. What negative affects does Assurer see? Illustrate several great influences the world wide web has on organization. Do these kinds of outweigh the negative influences?

Your Some of the negative aspects viewed regarding the internet is that it destroyed Answer: a few industries and possess threatened more. However , the internet’s good may outweigh the bad. Fresh markets and a multitude of online businesses are getting formed because of the internet. E-commerce transformed the corporate world of literature, music and air travel. Cell phone services, videos, television, jewelry, real estate, resorts, bill obligations and computer software have all seen more efficient approaches to strategically do business because of the internet. I think good aspects about competitive advantages outweigh the negative impacts, especially for launch and fresh entry firms. The internet allows them to be more efficient and self sufficient as a business

Teacher Porter recognizes the Internet because creating more and more intense competition, through permitting new Justification: competitors to enter the market, and forcing competition on price alone, bringing up the bargaining power of consumers, and dampening profits.

Great influences with the Internet will be lowering telecommunications costs, creating new chances for building brands and constant customer basics, lowering costs of globalization. You could also view Porter’s unfavorable take on lowering the barrier to access as a positive for new businesses.

The Internet’s influence getting negative or positive will depend on in part around the point of view from where the affect is being noticed. For example , a telephone power is afflicted negatively by emergence of websites telephony, although other companies may be afflicted positively either through the use of this technology or perhaps through performing Internet telephone as a business.


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