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Just how would you like to be on trial intended for something you didn’t carry out? In Creature, by Walter Dean Myers, Steve Harmon is in trial intended for felony murder. I believe that Steve Harmon is innocent because he did not know Mendrugo Evans, a store wasn’t crystal clear, and there is no transmission. The initial reason why Sam Harmon is usually innocent since Steve would not know Ceporro Evans. For example , in the new Monster, by Walter Dean Myers, publishes articles, “Did you talk to Steve Harmon¦ No¦ But you hadn’t spoken to Mr.

Harmon prior to the stickup¦ Naw (195, 197). This kind of shows that Charlie and Ceporro never seen each other. This kind of also shows that Steve and Bobo by no means heard of each other. Clearly, Charlie Harmon did not know Bobo Evans. Another why I do believe Steve Harmon is innocent because the drugstore wasn’t very clear.

For example , inside the novel List, by Walt Dean Myers, wrote, “Mrs. Henry declared that she is at the drugstore when the theft happened¦ if someone was to make sure that the drugstore was clear, that they made a poor job of it (247).

This shows that Dorrie Harmon had not been by the drugstore. This as well shows that Charlie Harmon wasn’t in the drugstore. Clearly, Steve Harmon didn’t want to be the style out. The 3rd reason why I believe Steve Harmon is blameless because Steve didn’t provide a signal. For instance , in the new, Monster, by Walter Leader Myers wrote, “He was suppose to see us in the event that there was anybody in the drugstore¦ He didn’t say nothing at all so we figured it was all right (182). This kind of demonstrates that Steve Harmon did not make certain it was very clear. This also shows that Dorrie was peaceful and failed to give a transmission. Clearly, Sam didn’t provide a signal.

A lot of people, however , might argue that Charlie Harmon can be guilty since, he was at the drugstore your day of the thievery. For example , inside the novel List, by Walter Dean Myers wrote, “Anybody can walk into a drugstore and look around¦ I went into a drugstore to look for several mints, and then I strolled out.  (115, 140). Some people will argue that this kind of shows that Steve Harmon is guilty since Steve Harmon was in the drugstore when the robbery took place. However , they are really wrong mainly because Mrs. Henry was still in the drugstore, thus Steve failed to make sure that it absolutely was clear. In summary, we should discover Steve Harmon innocent. 1 positive a result of this would be Steve Harmon can have to do his films and make movies. By obtaining Steve Harmon innocent he gets to take advantage of the rest of his life not behind bars.


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