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“The Great Surprise reigns today as the deadliest all-natural disaster in U. T. history. Between 10, 1000 and 12, 000 people died through the storm… the added toll upon commercial buildings created a financial loss of $30 million, regarding $700 , 000, 000 in today’s dollars” (Smith 2003).

A more latest powerful tropical system that affected the Texas shoreline was that of Hurricane Carla. Carla illustrated how thunder or wind storms are particularly damaging to the low-lying areas of The state of texas near the Gulf of mexico Coast. “Carla’s circulation surrounded the entire Gulf with edge effects along all Gulf Coast states, ” and one-half million residents with the area needed to be evacuated to raised ground (“Texas Hurricane Record, ” 08, USA Today).

Because of its area in the Southeast, Houston can be subject to the El Nino effect, the climate improvements that occur because of variants in water temperature in the Pacific Ocean. El Nino years generally have higher numbers of precipitation in the spring months, and to end up being colder in the fall and winter and warmer in the spring.

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