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* Establishment that charges fees for providing furnished sleeping accommodations to persons who also are temporarily away from home or perhaps who to understand accommodations their very own temporary or permanent homes. * It is made up of firms that provide over night accommodations to the travelling open public ” foodstuff, beverages, entertainment, recreation, and meeting establishments. * Additionally, they provide accommodations to both travelers and non ” travelers. Standard Terminologies for Lodging Services

* Inn ” a small, typically non-urban, lodging establishment that may can serve food. * Hotels ” happen to be multi-storied accommodations facilities which range in proportions from twenty rooms to hundred of rooms.

* Motels ” caters to holidaymakers with cars and provides self-service parking on premises. 5. Lodge ” associated with a certain type of sports activity, such as snowboard lodge or perhaps hunting resort.

* Areas ” usually located in popular vacation locations; give recreational activities including golf, rugby, or gambling establishment gambling. * Guest houses or Visitor homes ” are secretly owned homes where the owners rent person bedrooms to visitors. 5. Bed and Breakfast (B&Bs) ” British and North America; these are smaller, more intimate and less pricey than hotels and hotels.

5. Condominium (Condos) ” identifies apartments in high-rise structures located generally on recreational areas; a casing unit with kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath room.

* Boarding House ” a household facility providing you with lodging and meals intended for guests who normally consider the service their home, temporarily or once and for all. * Dormitory ” associated with some educational or additional institution that delivers sleeping places to stay for those in residence. * Nursing House ” supplies lodging and food support for people requiring nursing or perhaps related care. Classification of Lodging Establishments

Function and first Market a. Convention Resort ” have the capability of hosting conferences and meetings; have got multiple meeting rooms and sometimes large areas where industry events can be held. *Conventions are primary supply of business.

m. Commercial Lodge ” situated in the center-city for the ease of the organization traveller; possess business centers and full-in room device connections. c. Resort Hotel ” attracts pleasure holidaymakers or getaway seekers; offers recreational activities in terms of horseback riding, physical fitness training, golf, and other water activities. deb. Casino Motel ” “sleep cheap, but spend big; low space rates and low foodstuff costs because of the profits are created through gambling. e. Prolonged Stay ” (Suite Properties) guests who need long-term places to stay; has home and sitting down rooms in each product.

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