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For the last time ” zero, shouted Courtney.

Oh cmon. All Im or her asking for is just one particular date. Thats all, begged Pete Groves.

I actually said number Were concluding know in any case, so if you dont mind, stated Courtney when pointing towards the door.

FINE. But consider it Courtney, you should, said Pete while leaving.

I dont understand, Courtney, said Rachel, Courtneys closest friend.

I mean hes smart, funny, handsome plus the 2nd most wealthy guy in Manhattan

I understand Rachel, yet I just never feel, you already know, that way about the man

Suit your self, said Rachel with a grin on her deal with.

Can you assist clean up you should Rachel, asked Courtney.

Sure. Whats this?, asked Rachel

Whats what, replied Courtney

This package. I just found it for the plate which you put advice when

Its the, said the flabbergasted Courtney

A what?, asked Rachel

Its the. For forty ” 1, 000 dollars. What, Pete only thinks he can buy my love. Well I dont believe so. I am gonna see him regarding this, first thing each day.

The next early morning, Courtney phoned in to the restaurant where she worked and told the boss that she would end up being quite late as the lady had to look after something ” Pete. Courtney walked down the busiest New york road, St . Nicholas Garottere., pushing and shoving her way throughout the crowd to reach the large skyscraper which will Pete owned or operated and where his company was structured. Soon she reached this and asked the receptionist what flooring Pete was situated in. The receptionist replied

Is Mr. Groves expecting you?

No but tell him it is Courtney in the restaurant, said Courtney having a phoney smile on her confront.

Floor 13 Madam

Many thanks, Courtney explained and made her way on the elevators and went to floor thirteen.

Right away, Courtney saw Petes workplace. It was impossible to miss, with two gigantic gates and a massive, golden plaque on top with all the name Peter. A. Groves engraved in it. Courtney, straight away, stormed in Petes workplace.

What is this check meant to mean. Huh? Do you want to get my love or perhaps something? Right? Is that this?

Courtney, Courtney, please. Settle down. I never know what I had been thinking. Ive never asked a woman on a date before I thought you desire what I would

Yeah, well Im unlike that Pete. Here, Courtney said although throwing the check back in Petes face.

Courtney, the past time, make sure you. Just one time. If you don’t like everything you get, after that forget me and Sick forget you. Ill never nag you again.

Very well seeming that you put it doing this, OK

OKAY then. You want to leave now?, asked Pete

Its 12 in the morning. Nobody goes on to start a date that early on

I know yet Im acquiring you somewhere special. At this point cmon all of us dont need to miss our fligh¦, I mean particular date

After half an hour in the car Pete finally said

Were in this article Courtney didnt know what to express. She was in the middle of an airfield and everything she may see was obviously a private fly with the letters P. G printed upon it.

Im choosing you to Ancient rome, said Pete trying to break the quiet, however Courtney stayed silent and after a couple of minutes got out of your car and went into the Jet.

Regarding 5-6 hours later they will arrived in The italian capital and had meal, a drink and danced for a bit and then went back home.

I really like him so much. That was the best date I have ever endured in my life., Courtney said to Rachel.

What do I let you know?, replied Rachel.

So Pete and Courtney went out for many months and one of their dates Pete told Courtney he wanted to see her in his house the day after as they had anything very important to tell her. So right away Courtney visited see Rachel and Rachel told Courtney that your woman thought Pete is going to offer to her. Courtney was thus exited and then the time came.

She pulled on Petes door and Pete let her in. Pete began by stating

Please, take a seat

Courtney followed and Pete sat following to her.

Listen closely Courtney. I’ve conquered the business world and the mental world and after this I think it is time to conquer the physical world.

Alright, Courtney said curiously.

Courtney I am going to end up being the Ultimate Fighting Champion. I obtained some of the best trainers in the world to help me educate so I can be the ULTIMATE FIGHTER CHAMPIONSHIPS.

You can’t do that Pete. People have died from doing that, explained the terrified Courtney.

Oh, please! I wont pass away. So , can you support myself?

Well, if it means that very much to you after that yes. Yet please ” be careful

The exultant Pete then left to start schooling straight away. Courtney went to view all of his matches but not on of which did he win. Following about five to six matches Pete had bruised his spine and dislocated his training collar bone.

Courtney went to the hospital to visit him.

Listen Pete, Courtney began saying. I actually cant stand seeing you prefer this. You will need to stop or we will have to stop finding each other

Courtney, no . Do you think I started to be a uniform straight away in corporate? Of course not. It took me years and years of hard work to finally get it. And its similar with this kind of. The more I practice the better I am.

So that is a not any, Courtney said.

Yes. Internet marketing sorry

Dont be, replied the devastated Courtney and with that your woman left.

One or two of weeks afterwards Courtney noticed on the news that someone acquired died in the UFC. The lady prayed to God it wasnt Pete and paid attention to the news.

¦and consist of news, in the Ultimate Struggling Championship, newbie fighter Philip Alexander Groves died this morning in medical center from severe blood loss.

Courtney couldnt believe what she heard.

Weekly later Rachel and Courtney went to his funeral and tears Courtney said to Rachel

I always told him to be careful, or as mother and father used to say ” Look Before You Leap.

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