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Contingency Plan, Macro Environment, Pest Analysis, Aeroplanes Maintenance

Research from Advertising Plan:

RFDS Promoting Plan

The objective of this promoting plan should be to describe situations, issues and solutions to the near future operational prowess of Regal Flying Doctor Services. The plan will emphasize the need to continue fund raising operations to deliver the resources which have been need to continue the services of the RFDS. This plan of action focuses on the style Up in the Sky Plan, an educational promotional system, that has been integrated in a diverse area of Sydney. This plan tries to increase this program in the Queensland location and eventually produce the organization good luck to raise funds in future years.

The unique services that Royal Flying Doctor Services provides also illustrates the need for a unique and effective marketing program that can help intricate and distributed knowledge about the organization itself. In an effort to create these kinds of awareness RFDS created an education program eligible Look Up while flying to help promote their services. According to their website this program can be ” an extensive look at the significant contribution the Royal Flying Doctor Support has made to Australia’s history, its relevance to us as Australians today and is also a fun and interactive approach to engage and interact with primary school pupils. The RFDS Education Software was formed with the knowledge that the RFDS must build a fresh base of support when it is to survive generational change. “

The purpose of this kind of marketing strategy is to identify how to enhance these educational objective for RFDs by simply explaining the precise details of the industry and how best to present this information through this industry. This course of action will include many methods and procedures that will help determine the best avenue of travel to ultimately increase the organization productivity of RFDS throughout the marketing work of the Look Up in the Sky software.

Industry Evaluation

Market Brief summary

The RFDS find themselves in a particular industry that combines a great many other qualities of other companies. RFDS gives aeromedical providers for Sydney. This industry is consequently a combination of the medical service industry and adding certain elements and qualities with the airline industry as well. By providing emergency and first health care providers for those people in distant lands, RFDS has presented this service for nearly 80 years in a series of “swoop and scoop” quests.

The aeromedical industry is known as a based away a military style of medical evacuation and treatment. The industry needs a certain amount of highly skilled pros with a feeling of adventure and excitement. The logistical requirements to this sector are also demanding, as air vehicle fliers are necessary to actually give the medical services.

Market Features

The development of the RFDS is woven in to the fabric of past and contemporary your life in einzugsgebiet Australia. Will no longer is the Services just for the individuals of the umland; it is turning into involved with the ever-increasing range of tourists browsing Australia’s remote locations. This market’s customers are those that are will need of a various different medical services which include dental health, standard practice, child and maternal health, mental health, nursing services and of course emergency services. Aeromedical firms attempt to offer comprehensive medical care to people would you be normally unable to get it due to geographical restraints.

Macro Environment (PEST)


The politics environment is mostly strained containing the effect of causing a large number of problems nevertheless also many opportunities. The typical strife that is occurring inside the country has contributed in a all natural way.


The monetary factors shows that competition for medical services are becoming more severe. This truth should motivate RFDS to behave with swiftness and boldness.


The social buildings of modern culture has shown a dependence more and more on medical services. The requirement to introduce junior culture for the benefits of aeromedical efforts are essential to maintain a social purchase conducive to maintaining a competitive edge.


The technological landscape is very foggish due to the fact that progressive pieces of technology can significantly help or perhaps hinder RFDS’ ability to stay competitive. Too much technological creation may make these types of service out of date.

Competitor Examination

Although RFDS was a pioneer in this sector, the competition is growing substantially and pose fresh threats while the need for these types of services boosts throughout the region. The following list of competitors every pose to invade upon profit margins; Secours Service of NSW, Mat Victoria, CareFlight Limited, Medical Rescue, NETS, Skymed Aeromedical and several other folks.

Issues Research

The RFDS in Queensland Section is aiming to improve manufacturer awareness simply by engaging the community in educational efforts. The Look Up in the Sky System is being regarded as being implemented to directly achieve a lift from the brand awareness, raise the proportion of metropolitan-based proponents of RFDS, and lift up the community fundraising support.

The RFDS is a philanthropic, non-for profit firm, creating diverse relationships and different issues compared to a normal corporate and business example.

SWOT Analysis


RFDS gets the longest tenor in this sector. Community support with $10m in fundraising income. Competent staff, stable brand identification. Success of LUPTS in other geographical parts.


Ally base is usually aging. Monetary and politics instability. Youngsters ignorance. Prone to new treatments and technology.


Educational opportunities are offered. New generation of proponents. Other community relationships will probably be built to additional network and make.


New competitors. Localized medical advancements. Energy problems. Political turmoil. A healthy inhabitants is also a threat since it reduces consumer bottom.


The keys to the marketing aim is to make certain that is lined up with the better organizational approach. Youth education in an effort to help create manufacturer awareness has become proven to be effective and economic as a means to get market share and garner new clients and understanding towards an item or services.

Marketing Goals (SMART): Elevating Brand Understanding towards Youth


This objective is usually specific as it specifically focuses on a certain actions directed at some demographic human population.


This kind of objective is definitely measurable. The desired metric is Achieve a lift in the RFDS unaided brand awareness inside the S/E Queensland from 2% currently to 4% by simply June 2017 (McNair 2013) Increase the proportion of metropolitan-based supporters of RFDS in s/e Queensland from 43% to 54% by June 2017.


These desired goals are well within the limits of reason and satisfactory achievements.


This kind of objective can be realistic and does not seem unachievable.


The objectives have already been given a three-year time span to measure its success.

Financial Targets (SMART): Boost Community Fund-collecting through University Involvement.


This goal is specific because it specifically targets some action fond of a certain market population.


This aim is considerable. The desired metric is to Lift up the community fund-collecting support by simply approximately $75k -$100k per annum over the initial two years simply by engaging engaging schools in a “fundraising activity” and enhancing public celebration attendances in the Simulator around s/e Queensland. And, simply by June 2017 to have supplied the LUITS program to approximately twenty percent of suitable state government, personal and self-employed primary universities in s/e Queensland.


These desired goals are well within the limits of reason and satisfactory accomplishment.


This kind of objective is usually realistic and does not seem impossible to achieve.


The objectives have already been given a three-year time period to assess its performance.

Target Market

The point market is the youth who have are the upcoming donators to the RFDS. This market is predicted to have additional influence issues families as well as the community generally speaking. The opportunity of method to reach this target is usually through the universities Look Up while flying program.


RFDS is in a practical position that can allow the organization to take advantage of their very own fine background excellent quality of product and service. The nonprofit status of RFDS puts these questions unique position where funding must come from appropriate options.

Marketing Mix

It is essential the product that may be being put within the universities is lined up with the increased objectives with the RFDS. Help to make no problem, this is an attempt to earn both the hearts and brains of the future financial supporters of the organization’s quest. The product alone is details and relief of knowing that can reinforce behaviors t donating to RFDS.

The cost of this product is definitely free to the purchasers as this kind of educational aspect will be distributed through the colleges. This places a heavy emphasis on the funding with this project as the results of this work may not be realized for two to 3 years.

The location of this product is in the college systems which will place educational focus on crucial learning effects in History, Geographic, Citizenship, The english language, Science and Math, connecting it to both Aussie and Express curriculums.

Promoting this thought must be done initial organically at this time marketing efforts. However it is about those officials in the universities to assist to promote this product in agreement with this ideals and objectives.

Absolutely free themes in this case happen to be those upcoming patients from the RFDS solutions. This roundabout marketing work looks to protect future funds for long term

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