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Loss of an associate

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Today in society various people rely on computers just as much as they rely on their lungs to keep breathing. If Y2K had took place, modern life would have collapsed right into a world of damage. People will not know what to do with themselves or their families. Three main concerns supercede the remaining in the sum of turmoil they would provide life, peoples life savings would no longer be accounted for, the government would not be able to monitor the activity of different countries actions, and people would line the streets looting for all they can hold.

The first problem is that people who had worked very hard to save money for his or her children might have lost each of the money that were there saved. The banks continue to keep al with their records in computers and there would be nothing at all anyone may do in order to save their money. Those would thunderstorm the banking institutions trying to get their cash back. You need to have the protection of that very much money to fall back on just in case something took place but when something finally would happen it could not only take away their protection but the money they had spent. Americans fund in hopes to get rich or to have so money put aside intended for retirement but with no personal computers they can’t prove that that were there stocks to begin with. People will start to get furious and then chaotic.

The second issue facing this now ancient society is usually that the government might have no way of knowing when a strike from an enemy was prestigious. Any population group that wished to send a number of nuclear warheads wrapped in pretty reddish colored bows over to the white-colored house might have no concerns doing so. All of our military cleverness would be shed and global chaos will soon comply with. Peoples insecurity would soon overtake these people and they will feel the way Freud clarifies when he addresses of the id that lives inside of every single human being. These kinds of wild emotions lead to another social trouble that would develop.

The third problem that would take place almost right after the personal computers shut down is looting. After every major celebration where the instant outcome was negative looting soon implemented. People understand that all of the points that they by no means had that they always wanted reaches their convenience. All they need to do is definitely walk down to the nearest retail store, throw something large through the windows and abruptly everything is free. People cant deal with the urge to consider. The police will not have anyways to control all the looters and once again chaos will prevail.

In conclusion, a lot more like a metropolis with many diverse avenues. Computers are the middle of a lot of peoples lives. The only way that having simply no computers might can occur without being a problem as if people failed to make themselves thus dependent on all of them. People need to go back to the way points were in which things were written down. Then in support of then people will no longer have to worry about Y2-anything.


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