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We certainly have put our recent initiatives into making a Restricted Material program, and also have begun umschlüsselung our Water Carbon Footprint” (Website of LuLuLemon Athletica, 2012).

6th. Brand character

The persona of the LuLuLemon brand is more so associated with yoga plus the emotional awareness related to yoga, rather than the genuine apparel developed and sold by the firm. And this company is becoming more and more popular for both home level, as well the worldwide scale.

And what is remarkable about the LuLuLemon brand is that the firm has not put in tremendous sums of money in the development and implementation of your branding technique. Given their reduced size and resources, the Canadian-based firm features focused even more resources upon products, with the brand becoming managed in a less stringent manner. This will make the company’s company even more so interesting and strong among customers.

“The LuLuLemon logo and incredibly distinctive (designed to be seen) shopping carrier starts the conversation regarding the brand in health clubs, airports, or inside the line in Starbucks. Clients can’t hang on to share this brand with good friends and other people, and the LuLuLemon brand keeps growing without any classic advertising. This is the experience” (Stern and Ander, 2008).

7. Brand recommendations

The research and analysis up to now conducted possess revealed a solid company, which has a powerful company. The organization has established a unique selling point and it uses its brand in order to additional create understanding are increase demand for the company products. Even now, despite the accomplishment of the LuLuLemon Athletica manufacturer, fact remains that there are several modifications that could be produced to further reinforce the company’s manufacturer.

The first recommendation with this sense is usually represented by the placement of more strategic business emphasis on the management of the trademark. As it was already mentioned before, the company’s brand grew relatively independently, without much ideal focus on the part of the organization. Still, to be able to ensure accomplishment within the long lasting, it is necessary pertaining to the company to become more strategically specific in the management of the brand.

Then, the 2nd recommendation is made for the company to readdress it is brand in the meaning of producing it more universal. As of this level, it really is noteworthy to say that the LuLuLemon brand has a rather womanly appeal and representation, with regards to both identity as well as company logo. Such features were highly suitable in the commencement of the firm, if the organization targeted women practicing sports (Gefvert, 2012). Today however, the company is growing and coming to address a wider market section of buyers, meaning as a result that it is necessary for it to increase expand it is brand.

almost eight. Conclusions

As with any other field in the modern day time society, the experience of rehearsing sports is usually continually changing to raise fresh opportunities and threats to get the companies triggering in the field. Nowadays, sports can be perceived as a way to a much healthier life, yet also as the ability to locate inner harmony and sense of balance with the environment. LuLuLemon Athletica used this method to sports perception to market its elegant sports clothing.

The company at first addressed pilates practicing ladies in the local community, but its recognition increased as well as the company is currently looking at extended expansion. The organizational company is rather powerful, but it has not been constructed about specific tactical principles. In such a setting, the recommendations that had been formulated included the integration of business concepts in company management as well as the expansion of the trademark to address a wider client demographic.


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