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Advertising and marketing

Lululemon begun by Chip Wilson who have took ad advertisement yoga course in Vancouver and was immediately used to the strategy. After spending years in the browse, skate, and snowboarding organization, he located yoga was performed applying cotton garments and this appeared inappropriate because it neither removed sweat effectively nor did it allow for maximum flexibility. Provided his interest and expertise in technological athletic materials, he began a movement in yoga apparel where he relied on responses from yoga instructors to optimize his apparel.

Lululemon was founded over 10 years ago to meet these kinds of goals. It opened it is first retail outlet in The fall of 2000 in Kitsilano, a beach part of Vancouver BC. Beyond getting feedback by instructors means improve the efficiency of the attire, the company sought to act as a community hub exactly where people can easily interact and share the physical and mental aspects of using a healthy life-style.

1 . Precisely what are the key aspects of the approach that Lululemon is pursuing? What generic strategy best fits Lululemon’s technique? The five key elements will be:

Grow the business store bottom in The united states

The tactical objective was to add new shops to strengthen you can actually presence after which tap into fresh geographical market segments in the Canada and ALL OF US

Increase company awareness

Leveraging the marketing surrounding, the opening of new stores with grass beginnings marketing courses.

This kind of included arranging events and partnering with local fitness coaches.

Expose new product systems

Continue to concentrate on developing and offering products that combine technology enhanced fabrics, and satisfaction features that differentiate Lululemon for its rival and enhance its consumer bottom.

Broaden the appeal of Lululemon products

This is certainly divided in 3 portions

1 ) Adding guys apparel towards the line

2 . Increasing to merchandise category to items just like athletic carriers, undergarments, flip flops, outerwear three or more. Adding products suitable additional sports and athletic activities Expand further than North America

Increase their occurrence in Australia and Japan. In that case eventually pursue the Asian and European markets that offer similar, attractive demographics.

Exclusive shopping expericance

Give a distinctive in-store shopping knowledge, complemented by simply strong ties to health instructors, health establishments and community situations The two biggest strategic modifications since 2007 had been to drawback through the use of franchising and sell right to the customers through the organization website. Lululemon fits by itself in a differentiated niche technique

2 . Is usually Lululemon’s strategy effective?

A few look at the following to determine in case the strategy works well for Lululemon

The organization currently features three segments:

Corporate-Owned Stores

The corporate-owned stores part includes all sales to customers through corporate-owned shops in North America and Australia. This portion is by far Lululemon’s largest earnings base and definitely will continue to be powerful as Lululemon looks to grow its foundation in 2012 by opening 31 stores in the us and 2 Ivivva Athletica stores in Canada.

Direct To Consumers

The Direct to Consumers part involves Lululemon’s e-commerce web page. Which is 15. 6 % of earnings (2011) originates from this segment. The idea at the rear of is to switch from brick-and-mortar stores to online channels, Lululemon’s commitment to increasing its occurrence in ecommerce will help the company expand their customer base and improve manufacturer awareness.


While previously franchise product sales were component to their technique, the companyreported that it will will no longer partake in the business enterprise and that it had reacquired it is four outstanding franchise retailers during fiscal 2011.

SWOT Analysis


Branded fabrics

Community engagement ” provided free yoga class in monthly basis Employee schooling



Multiple green projects

Top quality ” items designed to maintain 5 years of intended employ while maintaining efficient Brand id

Weak point

Excessive retail price

Filter product line

Quality control/supply chain

Marketing geared to mostly pilates instructors/studios

Loss of customer care with increased range

Weakened brand recognition

Deficiency of targeting to men


Expand manufacturer product line

Provide additional industry segments

Expand in to additional geographic markets

Increased demand in athletic apparel

Fitness craze


Increased competition coming from current huge players on the market Copy felines

Economic system

New entrants

Risk of bank on specialized niche markets

Lululemon only went public five years ago and possess not moved into any fresh industries (focusing mostly inside the fitness clothing industry). They have done a few corporate restructuring shortly after the organization was formed, Lululemonentered into business agreements and then a joint venture. The idea in back of this was based upon growing the rand name to meet customer demand although conserving money. This was a very effective strategy and served Lululemon well in building themselves as a multinational business, helping to build on economies of scope, elevating brand understanding and creating a larger consumer bottom. In 2011, Lululemon finally repurchased all the business organizations and now all of their stores are corporate owned. The greatest motive pertaining to closing out your franchise organization was to preserve and maintain control over branding and focus even more on web commerce. We believe this plan will work well for Lululemon as it preserves its manufacturer image / competitive edge and staying competitive in the online market as well.

3. Top Crucial Issues facing the company must focus on are:

The evaluation shows us that the full apparel market is competitive with suprisingly low barriers to entry. Lululemon’s success brings in new rivals to the sector and appeal to interest by existing competitors. Ultimately, this is certainly a competitive industry with limited obstacles to admittance. The athletic apparel industry is very competitive, with very well capitalized competition such as Nike and Difference, Inc. Lululemon has limited intellectual home in regards to its performance fabric and developing processes, which means quality and innovation pieces of strategy could easily be replicated.

Lululemon’s self reinforcing activities, just like target customer base, tailored companies community centered marketing strategy make it very difficult for existing retailers to challenge Lululemon in its marketplace from their own store angles. However , you will discover limited boundaries to entrance in this sector and Lululemon should anticipate new competition to try to copy its structure

This research brings us to issues the organization is / could confront:

Increasing Competition

In spite of occupying a distinctive niche inside the athletic apparel industry, Lululemon has recently gained competitors in recent times. I. electronic. Bigcompanies with large marketplace capitals just like Nike, Nike, and Under Armor possess dominated the athletic attire industry and keep gaining more ground. With the exception of a dedication to creating impressive products in apparel, these types of initiatives happen to be in contrast to Lululemon. In order to marketplace its products, Lululemon completely shuns away from produce or press advertising and in turn focuses on picking ambassadors within just carefully picked markets. Therefore, it’s possible intended for Lululemon’s competition to achieve and keep brand consciousness and business more quickly

Narrow focus

Lululemon is targeted towards advanced and educated women who figure out importance of energetic, healthy way of life. Under-Armor, Nike, and Adidas are targeted towards women and men of all ages.

New Threats

In addition to the big name athletic apparel producers, competitors such as Gap’s Athleta brand, Sharon Activewear Inc. and Rorro Stores’ RORRO SPORT collection have appeared as competition to Lululemon.

Price Point and Manufacturing

Because of the fresh and old competitors, Lululemon could be forced to sell their products at low cost thus minimizing margins. Plus Lululemon will not own distinctive intellectual property rights to the technology due to the products. This makes it easier intended for current and future competition to manufacture and sell products with related performance functions and hair styling.

Cross-country differences in demographic, cultural and market conditions. Purchaser tastes for a product or service sometimes differ substantially from country to country. Sometimes, merchandise designs ideal in one region are unacceptable in another due to differing regional standards. Lululemon is with an international marketplace and they need to wrestle with whether and how much to customize goods in every different region market to fit the likes and personal preferences of regional buyers or whether to pursue a strategy of offering a generally standardized merchandise worldwide. For example , the clothing for females offered in the winterseason will be different from Canada to Down under and vise versa. Firstly, Australia gets hardly any snow and while Canada on the other hand, gets majorly strike every winter.

Therefore , the running items and the hoodies offered in equally countries will be different because of the heat and the weather. Making items that are closely matched to local preferences make them more pleasing to regional buyers, modifying Lululemon’s items country by country may have the effect of raising production and distribution costs due to the higher variety of models and pieces, shorter development runs, plus the complications of added inventory branding and distribution strategies. The second concern of transnational strategy incorporates elements of both equally a globalized and local approach to technique making. This sort of middle earth strategy is necesary when you will find relatively large needs to get local responsiveness as well as significant benefits to be realized by standardization.

This tactic that Lululemon is trying to use has its own disadvantages, such as; it really is more complex and harder to implement, conflicting goals could possibly be difficult to reconcile and require trade-offs and implementation more pricey and labor intensive. All major global companies use the franchising strategy. Together with the franchising technique, the franchisee bears the majority of the costs and risks of establishing foreign locations; while Lululemon would have to spend only the solutions to get, train, support, and keep an eye on franchisees. The best problem that Lululemon is usually facing at present has to bear all costs of retailers all around the world. With this, they will have to make sure that they are offering the products in discounted costs but likewise having to monitor to ensure that all their standard pertaining to stores and customer service and experience is maintained.

some. Recommendations for managing to improve efficiency / treat key issues

The recommendations we have pertaining to management is usually to improve overall performance and treat the key concerns, are using a think global and take action local approach (Transnational). They have to ensure that every single country does have the required provide because the demographics, cultural dissimilarities and market conditions range from country to country. They must ensure that all their locations the actual same recommendations and client satisfaction guidelines like they have for primary locations.

Price point and Manufacturing

Lululemon does not very own any mental property for the technology of what processes their products. Consequently this makes it possible for competitors to imitate their very own style. Through analysis, a recommendation to solve this issue will be to patent their very own processing system. This would be good for the company in such techniques as; elevating price points, which in turn raises overall revenue. It will also allow for a higher competitive advantage, making it difficult intended for competing industry’s to imitate or duplicate their style.

Sponsor Occasions and Shows

Lululemon ought to sponsor some sort of situations to gain advertising and maximize brand consciousness. Such can be carried out by arranging yoga incidents on a grand scale or any sort of wearing event. Quite a bit less high scale as created by its rivals (Nike beneficiaries the PGA Golf and Adidas beneficiaries FIFA) E. g. Lululemon could coordinate a pilates event with the Metro Meeting Hall, Toronto

Expand in Asia and Europe

The organization should plan to enhance its European and Asia market, recruiting fresh management ability and initiating an extreme program to regionalize this kind of business utilizing a consistent brand image during Europe and Asia.

New Customers

Lululemon will need to find new clients base aside from its niche market. A potential focus on niche will be adding apparel for golf and tennis games into its shops. Action Plan to address issues and improve functionality

The following plan of action is the advised steps we feel would be the suitable approach to successfully completing these types of recommendations.

Appendix 1

Value Cycle Analysis

Supply Chain Administration

forty five different manufacturers, no long lasting contracts ” can improve quality control and spend less by lessening # and agreeing to contracts


Fasten inspection and verification operations to ensure one more recall will not occur (see-through pants issue)


Facilities just in Vancouver-BC, Sumner, Buenos aires, and Melbourne, Australia Limits Company’s reach Growth in online sales can balance


Depend on word of mouth marketing and community based marketing ” may increase marketing via press (television, journals, etc . ) and other avenues


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