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Mahatma Gandhi Management Style The Father of the Land is now getting held up since the expert strategist, an exemplary head, and someone whose tips and methods corporate India can imitate. Gandhi reinvented the rules from the game to deal with a situation in which all the readily available existing methods had failed. He shattered tradition. This individual understood that you cannot fight the British with force. And so he chose to change the game in a essentially different approach.

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He let loose the power of everyone else, inspired males and females in the country to fight under a unifying objective. Resource limitation did not bother him. That was the determination. Gandhi’s management style has been termed as follower-centric’ and one that took into account existing conditions before identifying the strategy. Gandhi strongly suggested having management styles that have been dependent on the circumstances.

When Gandhi was in South Africa, he introduced his protests in a match and a tie. But when he returned to India, he believed of khadi (handspun and hand-woven cloth) and launched nonviolent protests on a increased scale, It shows that Gandhi’s leadership style was situational leadership style. A Quote from the publication: Count the chickens just before they hatch out by Arindam Chaudhuri Mahatma Gandhi’s case to me is a best case of adopting variations to suit the culture. The today stands divided in whether what he do was good or bad I just understand one thing: there were never an innovator before him nor one particular after him who could unite all of us and bring us out in the streets to demand for the thing that was rightfully mine.

To me, he is the greatest leader our land offers ever found. It is Theory I’ management’ at its useful best: productively and intelligently utilizing no matter what resource you are gifted with, says Chaudari.

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