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1 . 0 Introduction

Maybank was established in 1960, Maybank has grown in an international brand. Malaysia’s finance leader with presence in 20 countries operating coming from 2, 200 offices, with a workforce of over forty seven, 000. Corporate responsibility is usually integral towards the way they do their organization. For more than more than 50 years ago, they have believed in an definitely practiced ‘Putting People First’. To be Maybank customers, traders, partners, staff or even the community. In 1990, Maybank has set up the Tabung Kebajikan Kumpulan Maybank (TKKM), a trust fund whereby Maybank could reach out to various communities to bring about very good social.

Through the years, TKKM has evolved and grown. Beginning with as well as social welfare, the account soon located other ways by which it could bring about positive modify by nurturing continuing monetary and community development, heritage preservation and environment preservation. In 2010, in conjunction with the group’s 50th anniversary, the Maybank groundwork replaced TKKM as a advice of expect all those who also are isolated and disadvantaged.

Since Maybank new vehicle to get Corporate Responsibility, the Maybank foundation aims to expand their very own impact over the region, pressing lives anywhere they are operate, and empowering communities to develop a better future both intended for present and future years.

Maybank Group gives a comprehensive selection and companies that includes commercial banking, investment banking, Islamic banking, just offshore banking, rental and retain the services of purchase, insurance, factoring, trustee services, advantage management, stock broking, nominee services, venture capital and Net banking.

1 ) 1 Launch

Maybank’s mission is to humanize financial services around Asia, by giving access to finance to the people at fair terms and charges, and to become always in the middle of the community. Maybank perspective is to be the primary financial solutions provider inside the target marketplaces and neighborhoods they invest in save.

The target marketplace would be for resident which includes identity card of themselves and local, it could be adult, youth and young children for their lowering costs. The homeowner can be a consumers, investors, internet marketers, nonprofit agencies and company any purpose can using the Maybank without having to worry.


2 . 0 Comparison with others competitors

2 . 1 SWOT evaluation


Durability of Maybank is the leading local market. Is it doesn’t largest financial institution in Malaysia in terms of volume of branches exactly where is it was 384 domestic branches and 190 intercontinental branches and office in the Maybank. Maybank is the most significant listed on the Malaysian stock exchange, Bursa Malaysia, with market capitalization of over RM54 billion dollars as end of Drive 2011. Capital adequacy, Dividend Yield, Come back on Possessions and come back on Collateral are considerably higher than the industry and sector typical. A Higher earnings is relating to it is financial report Maybank demonstrated low cost to do business and cost. Maybank provides a customer base of more than 21 mil. The user of friendly website, may be the pioneer for internet financial in Malaysia and easy to get used, it does not wasting persons time to see a bank for making their business. With maybank2u people may do their business smoothly without worrying their busy period. Maybank is the largest Bank Service Provider in Malaysia with their ATM Machines widely available all over Malaysia however, international funds transfer service was owned or operated by a Maybank Malaysia, the available through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and Pakistan. Maybank product line is diversification from financial loans, financing, pay in, insurance to investment Banks, over fully increase in Product sales Performance by branches elevated product transmission in Maybank’s corporate client product stock portfolio.


Weak points of Maybank is too much of Banking Operation are focused in and around Malaysia and Singapore, hence limited global penetration and an excessive amount of revenue originates from retail financial and Islamic Banking, less revenue comes from other offerings. Revenue Attention with all the great branding, Malaysia is still low of the client satisfaction rating. They may be rated for number of 17out of 18 banks in Malaysia pertaining to the customer assistance in year 2010. Maybaks has no continual evaluation and updating of human resources practice and guidelines. The workers assets agreement has become passed due from Drive 2010. The increase of not one Interest price, Maybank includes a reputation to get the new application and creativity. However , that they remain vulnerable to the possibility that their very own innovation may well weaken overtime, however, due to homogeneous product assistance. Maybank includes a strong presence in the Malaysia, as they need to look for a profile of other countries to be able to spread business risk. Maybank tends to buy countries which have non-e steady economic presence such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. Maybank share price is low than any other banks and possess to shell out a huge amount of funds to stakeholder. 2 . a couple of SWOT examination


Maybank growing global Islamic Fund Market as being a Maybank Islamic Berhad on course to record RM1 billion in pre-tax profit this january. The larger regional Islamic Finance Industry to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, China, the Philippines plus the Middle East. Maybank had been the business expansion that can check out and make use of are sized up and its particular growth potential assessed in the profile. The strategic Reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling scout to get the potential purchases and acquisition targets, with detailed regarding the company’s approaches, financial and operational performance. Maybank high opportunity is to expand into countries like Laos, as soon as the banks has got the license to control and to develop investment banking in Hong Kong. Growth in internet banking increases the customer bottom. Maybank is usually exploring the worldwide banking option in Asia, Myanmar and Cambodia to achieve its decide to become Regional Financial services leader in 2015.


2 . 2 Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies is the Maybank staff promotes their very own product from old item to cool product to everybody. Which is that they promote for a retail complex, where a a lot of people and easy to acquire a customer. That they promote by using a card or perhaps giving a short talk about their product just like in terms of providing loan with smaller fascination. There are many types of the item for the Maybank in promoting for the client. Undisputed No . 1 Full Financial Services Company in Malaysia In Malaysia, Maybank has focused to maintain their very own top rank, in terms of general market share, across their main retail financing products which include mortgages, auto financing, credit cards, unit trust financing, and individual deposits. Maybank is definitely intending to strengthen their management position connected points and distribution network as a essential community destination and focus. The Maybank Customer Value Proposition centers on comfort and providing the requires of the community and they are committed to the values of a A single Stop Store, Needs Structured Selling and World Class Services. They will power on a distributed distribution style across all the parts of the Group network, and will customize and differentiate their products by segment to satisfy the requires of their four different types of clients: High Net Worth, Affluent, Mass and SME. The Group will also capitalize in technology and innovation to achieve high performance in processing occasions and customer service. Leading ASEAN Wholesale Financial institution and eventually to expand in the Middle East, China and India Maybank is aim to become the leading ASEAN inexpensive bank that can involve enhancing to corporate relationship style. Strategic projects will include Increasing domestic and regional marketplace position pertaining to corporate and non-retail deposit; Building a local investment lender, increasing advantages to income from non-domestic markets and increasing the fee to income proportion contribution. Maybank also seek to expand to the Middle East, China and India.

Undisputed Insurance and Takaful Head in Malaysia and Rising Regional

Player Maybank is seek to be the domestic insurance champion and an growing regional player by 2015 through the growth of their existence, general insurance and takaful business, taken under the Etiqa brand. For general insurance and takaful, the Group will keep pace with market growth while keeping a healthy collection mix and supporting a much better combined proportion compared to the market. To achieve organic growth is obviously or family business, they are really aggressively developing the Assets under Administration (AUM) of their life or family cash through item innovation. The strategy from the Maybank property management subsidiary is to make a leading asset management company by providing good investment management support for Etiqa money, wholesale money and institutional mandates and also by leveraging on Maybank’s extensive circulation network. Truly regional firm, with Ëœ40% of pre-tax profit produced from international businesses by 2015 Maybank target is to get a truly regional organization with approximately 40% of loans and pre-tax profit derived from international functions by 2015. This will be driven by way of a key market segments of Dalam negri and Singapore. At the same time, Maybank are making a presence inside the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and China by building scale and scope during these growth markets. Global leader in Islamic Fund

Maybank concentrate on is to have one third of their domestic financing backed by Islamic financial resources by 2015. To achieve this, Maybank Islamic financial operations will require full advantage of Maybank’s huge domestic branch network and its electronic digital banking systems and the different distribution outlets of Maybank strategic associates. Maybank as well aim to increase their Islamic business in markets like Indonesia and Singapore. Our Islamic banking operations, in the meantime, will focus on delivering impressive and internationally accepted products that separate they Maybank from other Islamic financial institutions.

2 . a few Pricing approaches

Maybank provides various kinds of loans to the two personal and business bank customers. The available financial loans include personal, home, car, ASB and

authorities guarantee loans as well as the Maybank Mikro and Islamic Mikro for a business enterprises and self-employed individuals. Apart from Malaysia, various types of loans which includes personal, car, education and home or housing financial loans are also available in Singapore and consumer loans in Philippines.

Maybank Loan ASB

Maybank ASB financial loans or financing are provided for purchasing ASB product trust. ASB are available in two types namely ASB financing and ASB loans I. The two are offered with a minimum bank loan amount of RM 10, 000 or more to a maximum of RM 500, 000. The main points of charges, payment, period and other requirements can be obtained from the website. Maybank Loan Car

Maybank car or car loans are available for getting and loans on fresh or second-hand cars. However, these financial loans can also be used for financing about reconditioned or modified the motor vehicles. In addition , the Islamic and typical car loans are available with the perimeter of fund value up to 90% with the seller’s bill at the maximum and the maximum repayment length of to eight years.

Maybank Loan House

Maybank home loans are offered for buying a fresh house or financing upon various types of properties below construction or completed houses. These financial loans are available while the following types. * Maxi Home

* Maxi Home”i with changing and fixed charge option

* House Equity-i

Maybank Financial loan Rate

Maybank loan rates will be varied in one type to a different and the interest rate also depends on the type of the loan and quantity borrowed in the bank. For home use loans, the rates can be bought in various options like the variable and fixed rate deals. In fact the home loans are providing at the cheapest rate of 4. 50% for the first three years.

Maybank Bank loan Calculator

Maybank supplies various types of web based calculators to calculate the monthly repayment, optimum repayment quantity, maximum funding amount for home use loans and monthly sequel for car or automobile loans. These calculators are available because home loan, Islamic home loan and hire buy calculator.

2 . 4 Merchandise concentration

installment payments on your 5 Types of short term and long term loan obtainable

Business loan Floor Stock Loans

A revolving service providing financing for auto dealer’s working capital requirements to aid purchase of inventory of new automobiles for a temporary period Salary Loan

Salary allowable loans for virtually any legal purpose granted to qualified workers of businesses accredited by Bank.

Revolving Credit Line

Loan granted for purpose of working capital, in which the amount paid is made constantly available presented it does not go over the authorized credit line. Short Term Loan

Term loans will be granted to get the reasons of project financing, capital assets buy, or business expansion????

several. 0 Realization

Assignment 2

1 . 0 Problem 1

Calculate the near future value of RM1, 000 invested today for three years at 10% (i=0. 10) interest rate per year? Simple interest

FV = S (1+ (I x n) )

P = amount took out / primary

My spouse and i = interest

And = period of time

FV very first year

= RM1, 000 (1+ (0. 10 x 1) )

= RM1, 000 (1. 1)

= RM1, 100

FV next year

= RM1, 000 (1+(0. 10 times 2) )

sama dengan RM1, 000 (1. 2)

= RM1, two hundred

FV 3rd 12 months

= RM1, 1000 (1+(0. 12 x 3) )

= RM1, 000 (1. 3)

= RM1, 300

1 . you Question one particular

Compound interest

FV = P (1+i)n

FV very first year

= RM1, 000 (1+0. 10)1

= RM1, 000 (1. 1)

= RM1 100

FV 2nd year

= RM1 100 (1+0. 10)2

= RM1 100 (1. 21)

= RM1 331

FV 3rd year

= RM1 331 (1+0. 10)3

= RM1 331 (1. 331)

= RM1 771. 561

2 . 0 Question 2

PV= FV1+in

PV = RM100 1(1+0. 05)1 + RM100 1(1+0. 05)2 + RM1000 1(1+0. 05)3

PHOTOVOLTAIC = RM100(1. 05) + RM100(1. 05)2 + RM1100(1. 05)3

PHOTO VOLTAIC = RM95. 24 + RM90. seventy + RM950. 22

PHOTOVOLTAIC = RM1 136. sixteen

3. 0 Question a few

Straightforward interest

FV very first year

= RM10 000 (1+ (0. summer x 1) )

= RM10 000 (1. 06)

= RM10 600

FV next year

= RM10 000 (1+(0. 06 times 2) )

= RM10 1000 (1. 12)

sama dengan RM11 two hundred

FV 3rd year

sama dengan RM10 1000 (1+(0. 06 x 3) )

= RM10 000 (1. 18)

= RM11 800

FV next year

= RM10 000 (1+(0. 06 times 4) )

= RM10 000 (1. 24)

= RM12 500

FV 5th season

sama dengan RM10 1000 (1+(0. 06 x 5) )

= RM10 000 (1. 3)

= RM13 000

3. 1 Question 3

Compound interest

FV 1st year

= RM10 000 (1+0. 06)1

= RM10 000 (1. 06)

= RM10 600

FV 2nd year

= RM10 600 (1+0. 06)2

= RM10 600 ( 1 . 1236)

= RM11 910. 16

FV third year

= RM11 910. 16 (1+0. 06)3

= RM11 910. 16 (1. 191016)

= RM14 185. nineteen

FV 4th 12 months

= RM14 185. 19 (1+0. 06)4

= RM14 185. 19 (1. 26247696)

= RM17 908. 48

FV fifth year

= RM17 908. twenty four (1+0. 06)5

= RM17 908. 48 (1. 338225578)

= RM23 965. fifty nine

4. 0 Problem 4

five. 0 Query 5


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