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This situatio Study is around Puerto Princesa, Palawan mother nature based fascination. The case research is being designed for having a wider knowledge about their particular weaknesses, talents, community, environmentally friendly place, and any other terms

in relation to tourism.

Create a hypothesis, methodology, results, examination and realization. Resolve or give advice, recommendation for the adverse results that is shown in cases like this study. Introduction:

A tour and research has been done just for this case study. Going through their place, to feel their place for the truth study being more reasonable and having a wider understanding of Puerto Princesa, Palawan to generate a possible reccomendation.


“The last frontier of Southeast asia

Puerto Princesa City, a tropical haven with a busy urban centre perfect for organization with enjoyment trips. Luxurious rainforests and white sand seashores are simply hours away from the town proper, in which a banking and commercial boom has made life easier to get workaholics who can never try to escape from the business office.

Puerto Princesa, which will forms portion of the Philippine’s last frontier, is actually a City abundant in natural methods. It is the country’s largest Town with a total land area of 253, 982 hectares.

A series of pile ranges operates through the entire length of the City, dividing it in to two specific areas ” the East and the West Coast. The eastern aspect, which is facing the Sulu Sea can be characterized by slender strand lines bordered by simply swamplands, carrying out a series of flat plains to hilly surfaces. The Western world Coast has fewer flatlands with huge batch ranges near to the China Marine, thus giving the location a unique however fragile ecology. Puerto Princesa’s pride is definitely the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River (or Underground River), a UNESCO World History Site and one of the Fresh 7 Magic of Characteristics.

The 8. 2-kilometer river, said to be the longest navigable underground water in the world, winds its approach underneath a mountain range, through the St . Paul Subterranean River Cave, and then is out into the Southern region China Ocean. The voyage through the cave system only is twenty-four kilometers lengthy. The entire area where the Subway River can be found is actually a national park and a model of biodiversity. More than 800 flower species, which includes almost three hundred trees, 195 bird kinds, 30 mammals, 19 lizards, and ten bat species call this area home. Economical growth:



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