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Gentleman Who Was Nearly A Man, A fantastic Man Is Hard To Find, Humor, Self Consciousness

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51). Ramsden acts predictably, simply by becoming protective, but Excéder shows that he knows Ann, “Ann is going to do just exactly what he likes. And in addition, she’ll push us to advise her to do it; and she’ll place the blame on us if it turns out badly” (p. 52).

It is fitting that Ramsden’s role inside the dream may be the statue. Within a discussion in Act 3 between Joker, the Devil, the Statue and his daughter Bêtisier, the Statue says of his better half, Ana’s mom, “when I actually married Ana’s mother – or, maybe to be firmly correct, I should rather state when I now gave in and allowed Ana’s mother to get married to me – I knew that we was sowing thorns during my pillow, and that marriage personally… meant wipe out and capture” (p. 159).

Ann gets into with her mother. She is a lovely youthful woman, full of expression and life. The lady commands both attention and affection coming from nearly everyone the girl meets. Ramsden, whom the lady calls “Granny, ” believes she is around perfection. Nonetheless, both he and Excéder appeal with her to choose one among her hired guardians. It seems neither desires to serve away his requirement with the different. Ann gently insists that her dad’s will be used exactly. In fact, she is working on her individual will, pertaining to she is crazy about Tanner.

It really is no accident that the most effective and most strong characters in Man and Superman are women, plus the weak characters are males. Ann and Violet are both independent ladies who know what they desire and pursue it. The moment Violet announces that the girl with married and pregnant, she also tells everybody that she will not brand her husband, for reasons she declines to disclose. When ever prodded simply by Miss Ramsden to name her husband, she says “that can be my business, Miss Ramsden, and not yours. I have my reasons for keeping my relationship a secret for the present” (p. 83). Afterwards, during a conflict between Hector Malone fantastic father above their secret marriage, she interjects very little at the end to smooth things over and be sure that the allocation from the dad will continue (p. 190). Perhaps the function of women in this play is because of Shaw’s childhood experience, by which his mom left the family, choosing her two daughters (but not her son) with her and fleeing to England. Having been also considered devastated on the death of his sis Agnes.

The smoothness that most is catagorized short of obtaining the qualities of the Superman is definitely Octavius. Throughout the play, Ann toys along with his emotions and lies to him about her motives. She can not be bothered with telling him the truth, although tells him instead that she is going to marry Tanner since that is what her mother and deceased father wish her to complete. When confronted by the truth, after a conversation with Ann’s mom, Octavius would not react with anger, but meekly allows the news.

When ever finally confronted with Ann’s decision, Octavius are not able to seize as soon as and react with anger. Ann tells him that he will under no circumstances marry; that he is the kind of bachelor that may stay one for the rest of his life, because of a broken heart. Octavius responds that he can kill him self. Ann then tells him, “Oh simply no you won’t: that wouldn’t always be kind. You would like to have an undesirable time” (p. 194). He responds that he knows that she is trying to be kind and that Excéder has informed her that cynicism is good for him. Later Ann further humiliates him when ever she says, “You are so softhearted! it’s unorthodox that you should always be so totally different from Violet. Violet’s as hard as nails” (p. 195). The come across ends upon Ann’s terms. She explains to him the conversation is over and

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