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The major strategy that we employed in order to extract the data given is by using SPSS program which can be by linear regression examination. Regression analysis includes any tips for modeling and analyzing many variables, when the focus is on the romance between a dependent variable and a number of independent factors. More specifically, regression analysis assists one know how the typical value of the centered variable alterations when any one of the independent parameters is different, while the other independent parameters are placed fixed.

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Most often, regression examination estimates the conditional expectation of the dependent adjustable given the independent variables that is, the average value of the dependent changing when the 3rd party variables are held fixed. In all situations, the evaluation target is usually a function of the independent parameters called the regression function. In regression examination, it is also of interest to characterize the variety of the reliant variable surrounding the regression function, which can be referred to by a probability distribution.

Regression analysis is also used to figure out which among the list of independent factors are relevant to the centered variable, and explore the forms of these kinds of relationships. In restricted circumstances, regression evaluation can be used to infer causal relationships between the independent and dependent factors. By using SPSS program, we are able to identify and analyze the regression result. From there, we can also found the related notion of elasticity becoming formed.

The idea of elasticity is introduced while the tools pertaining to measuring the responsiveness of quantity required to within various factors. The initially major section is considered regresiion analysis the industry statistical means for fitting the equation to set the data. It really is used for require estimation and that we can evaluate the result by making use of regression research.

Finally, through the use of SPSS plan, it is simpler to identify and analyze the price ticket as well as the demand which were effect by various sector.

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