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Guayaquil Republic of ecuador

Stumbling in to Iraq

Following the 9/11 attacks, the USA create a big cabale of countries to

support these people in the Afghanistan war. Although the war couldnt have the

predicted results, it had been seen as a wonderful success of diplomacy.

A year-and-a-half later on it all transformed when Rose bush was at that again, now

against Korea.

Now it absolutely was very different, the united states did not put more emphasis on the

diplomatic procedures to consider before performing this new turmoil.

There must not have to be as much opposition, seeing that

there was a violation of the UN Secureness Council image resolution and that

Bush was not the only one to point out the approaching threat of Iraqs WMD

as Clinton had already done this some time ago.

Many and varied reasons caused the negative of the Security image resolution, the different

excuses given by the US government, the build-up of armed service forces about

the Persian Gulf, the negative from the US to increase the deadline to the UN

team in Iraq headed by Hans Blix and others caused the members in the

world community and most essential, the people of the ALGUN Security Council

to say NUMBER

In the year 2002, the US experienced made an enormous advance associated with this subject in

the Security Council, after they approved the resolution 1441 that instructed

Iraq to destroy a lot of their long range missiles and let the UN inspectors

to enter Iraq to check the likelihood of the creation of WMD. Many of the

most significant issues were left out in the discussions, such as the

question if the USA will need a second resolution to invade Iraq or maybe the

1441 will suffice?, It was never planned carefully by the US

diplomacy and it would turn out to be a really costly problem.

Bush had many reasons aside from the threats of WMD to invade Iraq, such as

the elimination of the murderous dictatorial regime that could be the number

for against the law groups and would probably have close links with Osama rubbish bin

Laden, to generate Saddam to adopt UN promises seriously as one example for

the rest of the world and to reinforce democracy at the center east. Although Bush

had not given another example of bolstering democracy somewhere else, why didnt

they strengthen democracy in Saudi Arabia, becoming such a friendly country.

The members from the Permanent Secureness Council along with the transitory council

symbolized the viewpoints of the world, plus they saw a ALL OF US eager to head to war

with or without resolution.

The troops had been lining up the Arabian Marine, weeks following the decision inside the


The only thing that the associates of the S. C. wanted was action of four to

9 months in the deadline, so that the UN weapons inspectors may have time

to provide proper information to backup the decision of the S. C.

The world undoubtedly didnt need the mockery of Rumsfeld as well as the flaws of

Dick Chenney, pressuring the countries for taking the proper image resolution and

blackmailing them with these famous key phrases that even now we happily

remember such as: YOU HAPPEN TO BE EITHER AROUND OR AGAINST US, certainly it was

not very well taken by the users of the S. C.

Finally, when the UNITED STATES decided to take the procedures to get the second

quality approved by the UN, being a personal petition of Tony Blair, they will

saw it crash that down when ever Paris, Bremen and Moscow joined with each other in the

idea that with the inspectors Iraq had not been in the location of making fresh or

also using old WMD.

The European countries regard international regulation as of vital importance in

their each day existence, but as they realized it perfectly, Bush has not been a

lover of these intercontinental treaties, when he showed it with the annulment of

the Kyoto Protocol, the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty, the Comprehensive

Test out Ban treaty, the Natural weapons meeting, the worldwide

criminal the courtroom waiver to US soldier and finally the declaration of Rumsfeld

of not using the Geneva treaty for the captured military in Guantanamo


The worrying point was that the members of the R. H. C. couldnt event have a

visit by Collin Powell to try to promote them their particular agenda, and thus

they couldnt even find the approval via Turkey at the beginning of the warfare to

possess a entrance of assault from the north, something that was assured by the US


Even Jose Maria Aznar, a stalwart ally of USA said in some occasion: WE


Wheter it was incompetence or ideology, Washington inconsistency on their

éloge for battle, the non-synchronizing of diplomacy and force, the

non-proactive action with the possible incomplete compliance of Iraq while using

UN, the impossibility to muster intercontinental support to get the second

resolution and to promote the US reasons to war to the international diplomacy

constituted the defeat from the US foreign policy.

A war with greater capacity would have put Iraq around the spotlight rather than

the United States. Right now the USA need to really be anxious that a lot of countries

expected the Iraq would have been a better contender, that they would have place

much more level of resistance, that they may have killed even more US military and

at some point drag them out of the turmoil and ask themselves, what would

happen when the USA may wish to do the like another country

that is frightening US protection? Will it convey more adepts to Rumsfeld

mockery policy, or perhaps Chenney blackmailing strategies? Or perhaps will the UNITED STATES learned

the diplomatic importance and will that learn to appreciate the international

support and recognize that we stay in a symbiosis and that they aren’t the

just country nowadays and discovered to live in a joined community.

This essay has affected and will continue to impact the lives of millions

of folks around the world, since through this kind of essay we can see what

might the consequences always be if a land neglect to take notice of the

diplomatic discipline, when coping with other international locations. It also displays how would

and how does the opinion and relations on the planet would deter when a

nation sees themselves as allgewaltig and not required to subordinate

themselves into a common intercontinental law and see it while below them and a way

how to stop future preemptive attacks to destroy these countries that you

might think is risking the security of ones country. What happens

when Chinese suppliers, India, Pakistan or North Korea might take precisely the same

decision because the US do with their enemies? Will it be the beginning of the


Marcel Gross

Marcel Gross

Marcel Gross





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