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The majority of Americans usually do not want to pay scarce

open public funds incarcerating non-violent cannabis

offenders, at a cost of $23, 1000 per year. Politicians

must reevaluate our countrys priorities and attach

more importance to combating violent crime than

targeting weed smokers.

Marijuana prohibition costs taxpayers for least

$7. 5 billion annually. This is an enormous spend of

hard to find federal dollars that should be accustomed to target

violent crime.

Weed prohibition makes no exception intended for the

medical use of marijuana. The hundreds and hundreds of

seriously sick Americans whom presently work with marijuana

as being a therapeutic agent to alleviate symptoms of

cancer, ASSISTS, glaucoma, or perhaps multiple sclerosis risk

detain and imprisonment to obtain and use their very own medication.

Among 1978 and 1996, 34 states approved laws

spotting marijuanas restorative value. Many

recently, arrêters in two states Arizona ( az ) and

California passed laws and regulations allowing for the medical

make use of marijuana within physicians direction.

Yet, says are seriously limited within their ability to

apply their medical use regulations because of the

government prohibition of marijuana.

America tried alcoholic beverages prohibition between 1919

and 1931, nevertheless discovered that the crime and

violence connected with prohibition was more

destroying than the nasty sought to become prohibited. With

tobacco, America has discovered over the last 10 years

that education is the most powerful way to

discourage use. Yet, America fails to apply these

lessons to weed policy.

By simply stubbornly defining all cannabis smoking as

criminal, including that which entails adults

cigarette smoking in the personal privacy of their own homes, we are

throwing away police and prosecutorial solutions, clogging

tennis courts, filling costly and scarce jail and prison space

and needlessly wrecking the lives and careers of

genuinely very good citizens.

Cannabis legalization provides an important

benefits over decriminalization in that it allows for

legal distribution and taxation of cannabis. Inside the

absence of taxation, the cost-free market price of legal

cannabis would be incredibly low, on the order of

five to ten cents per joint. In terms of intoxicating

potential, a joint is equivalent to at least $1 or perhaps $2

worth of liquor, the price where cannabis is definitely

currently bought from the Netherlands. The best way to

hold the value at this level under legalization would

be by a great excise tax on commercial sales. A great

examination of the external costs imposed simply by

cannabis users on the associated with society shows that aharmfulness taxes of $. 50 $1 per joint is

suitable. It can be estimated that bar taxes in

this selection would raise between $2. 2 and $6. four billion

each year. Altogether, legalization would preserve the

people around $8 $16 billion, not counting the

economic great things about hemp agriculture and other

spinoff industries.

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