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Excerpt via Thesis:

In addition to consumption practices, the customer survey will also concentrate on purchase behaviors between both of these groups. Finally, the set of questions will handle respondents’ behaviour and awareness about digital entertainment, iPod product line, and Apple Inc. While an American multinational company and consumer electronics maker.

As mentioned before, the qualitative exploratory design will make usage of the focus group discussion (FGD) method to generate information on the preferences of two teams, users and non-users of portable multimedia player, of concepts upon packages / bundles that is to be offered for each and every purchase of a particular product in the iPod products.

Target Respondents/Sampling Scheme

Focus on respondents pertaining to the UAI and FGDs are made up of two main groups: users and nonusers of portable press players. Targeted sample size must not be less, but may be more than N=400.

The users group are males/females, 15-55 years old distributed proportionately across socio-economic classes. You group need to own a lightweight media player of kind of or manufacturer, and should have used this player during the past weeks (or past six days). In addition to utilizing a portable press player, you must have listed, watched, and downloaded digital entertainment, also in the past week. Lastly, they have to be lively decision-makers in choosing and buying portable press players and digital entertainment.

nonusers, in the mean time, will have similar demographic account as you group – males/females, 15-55 years old, and proportionately allocated across socio-economic classes. Whilst they have not employed portable multimedia players and still have not downloaded digital entertainment, they must be non-rejectors of these technologies. A demeanor scale to be used to determine the standard of receptiveness of non-users to kinds of technology.

Variables Procedures; Concepts Indicators

The UAI study will look into the pursuing variables, recording the information needs of Apple Inc. To best address the needs of shoppers in portable media players and digital media entertainment: awareness of portable media participant brands, usage of media players aware of, consumption of digital media entertainment, usage of various other gadgets related and related to portable press players, and attitudes and perceptions toward digital mass media entertainment, portable media players, and Apple computers.

Concepts which will be used for the FGDs will vary package/bundle mixtures that will be offered to buyers of iPod products. The discussants who will end up being joining the FGDs is going to determine which will package or bundle for each and every iPod item they like the most and they find most engaging and most powerful to buy pertaining to users and non-users.

Data Analysis

The UAI research will use both bivariate and multivariate statistical processes to provide basic descriptions on the usage, purchase, and mass media habits of users and non-users of portable media players. Conclusions from the FGDs will be assessed using matrices, illustrating which in turn package/bundle every iPod system is most recommended, attractive, and compelling to get for the 2 groups (users and non-users).


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