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This is due to under nonorganic methods, artificial chemicals are accustomed to increase the deliver of the made. As a result, manufacturers of regular beauty products things can achieve economies of scale, which will help them enhance their profit margins whether or not they sell their particular produce at lower prices. Nevertheless , since beauty items items created using organic and natural methods of development give their particular natural deliver their output is less and thus they are slightly more costly then a ordinary beauty products items.

With the economic constraints it will be difficult for Natural Way Goods to price its products lower than ordinary beauty items items. Yet , there is a single plus point that the company loves. All other big companies that specialize in herbal beauty products such as the Body system Shop are extremely high priced not merely because of becoming organic yet also because of high company image (Kapferer, 2008). Natural Way can price usana products higher than ordinary beauty products nevertheless lower than competitor’s price, as a result still making money. This will appeal to consumers whom do not make use of herbal products despite of their very own willingness to accomplish this because of insufficient affordability.


Natural Approach products has to be stocked at all major natural beauty shops. The item can also be sold at major spas and cosmetic salons (Kotler, Keller, 2008). This will likely be a great idea to increase the sales as one’s personal beautician inventory a product might make a customer trust the product.


Natural Approach Products will be using a mix of promotion strategies including both above the range and under the line strategies. Local tv channels and newspapers will be used to promote the shop. Normal mail will also be used.

As the main marketing goal of Organic Way Products is to promote healthy skin care practices informative promotion approaches will be used to produce awareness (Keller, 2003). Open public Service Text messages will be produced part of Organic Way’s advertising that will be aimed to spread the awareness regarding health hazards of promoting regular beauty products. This will likely be done with assistance of local skin doctors and medical professionals. This will not simply increase the revenues for the shop, but actually will also placement Natural Approach Products like a socially liable entity. The shop’s tagline, “Think Organic. Eat Organic” will also encourage the idea that you will need to consume natural splendor products so as to have a healthy way of living. Natural Approach Products will certainly promote the concept it is better to invest a bit more amount of money on food to buy a healthy lifestyle. If perhaps health is usually compromise in order to save on pockets than 1 might finish up incurring greater expenditures as hospital expenses.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Organic way although is dealing in product that includes a limited number of competitors, the product however encounters tough competition coming from few a couple of established companies such as the Physique Shop. The Body Shop has used its name, product packaging and all various other promotional approaches that gives the brand name a ‘natural’ image. Having a name just like Zaras, Normal Way significantly lacks that image and so will have to modify its brand name. However , to save lots of itself from your loss of id, the new brand name must be linked to the parent name brand Nature Approach. The adverts can be used to claim that the enhancements made on brand name and packaging is because of the product’s new and much more improved method. This will result in more sales.

The men’s line must be launched using the same online strategy and brand as the women’s range. This is because a brand new brand name means a complete re-launch of the company thus causing extra advertising costs (Toole Donaldson, 2002). Moreover, applying an already established brand would aid to easily convince the customers.


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