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Pricing Strategy

These types of leaf is among the commodities of NTFPs and MAPs which has a very very good local industry with high demand from within the State and from the other Express. A considerable amount of it is exported to Bangladesh through the line Hat. Inside the project place bay leaves are both sold inside the respective towns or on the local industry in Lawbah, where local and road head dealers from the area are present.

The advertising of these types of leaf consider places mainly in an unregulated market named Iew1. Industry demand and pricing in the leaf depend on its top quality, stage in the harvest, Visible colour, smell of the tea leaf and its drying. The promoting channel of bay tea leaf is difficult as it included a number of intermediaries before that reaches the last consumers. The marketplace prices change as it goes by through a volume of intermediaries in fact it is wholly regulated by the external require of outside dealers and the whole sellers primarily based at Mawiong regulated market. The gardener does not possess any state in determining the prices. The area traders have access to the market data and therefore control the prices in the local level.

Selling of Bay Tea leaf at the local Market

Production and marketing of bay leaf involved many stakeholders, just about every adult close relatives take part in the production. Men the actual plantation, cropping, packing, transport and providing, Women and children help in weeding, watering, drying, sorting and selling.

Bay leaves are sold in a crude form. For the farmers of Nongtrai, Nonglait and Sinai they sell the bay leaf at their own village towards the local dealers, while for the producers of the other four neighborhoods they sell the bay leaf to a community market in Lawbah twice a week. You will discover two quality of gulf leaf the top or Level one (the leaves with a twig Photo no9) which usually cost regarding Rs 20 to Rs 25/kg, and the other quality is known as RB grade (which are only the leaves Photography No10), which in turn cost regarding Rs30 toRs35/kg. When examining the margin of income between the two, the margin of earnings is better off when it is generate in the Leading or Level one types of keep.

Desk 5: The margin of profit between your two marks of leaves

Categories Workers/Men/Women Production amount/kg Cost of production Rate of selling price Perimeter of earnings Profit %

RB a couple of Men+5 women 5 bags=200kg Rs1600/ Rs30/kg

=Rs6000 Rs4400/ 73%

Leading 2 Men+ 5 Women

9 bags=450kg Rs1600/ Rs20/kg

=Rs9000 Rs7500/ 83%

Component effecting costs of Gulf Leaf

There are several factors that affect the value of C-Tamala (bay leaf) in the market, being a notified forest product gulf leaves appeal to royalty and higher taxes from the authorities. The investors have to pay these kinds of taxes to the difference organizations at deferent points and check gates, to the Syiem (traditional chief), at the charge of Rs 70/truck, for the District Council at the level of Rs 50/truck and also to the State Authorities (MECOFED). The State Government collected taxes for two amounts (1) buy tax from your grower which is at the charge of10%. (2) Sale duty which is on the rate of 8% launched exported for the outside company (Table-6). The traders indirectly charge the farmers to pay these types of taxes by simply decreasing the buying prices.

Table6: Taxes paid by the traders to different organizations

Collecting organization Amount paid

Syiem (Traditional institution) Rs 70/ Pick up truck

Autonomous District council. Rs 50/ Vehicle

State Government (MECOFED) (a) Purchase tax 10% (b) Sales Tax 8%.

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