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As Belch and Belch (631) take note, “music and sports happen to be universal ‘languages’ for young adults. ” By creating this kind of association, Coca-Cola is raising its appeal to the young market. In saying this, it must be noted that music and sports stars and named idols for many teens. This consists of that young adults look to these kinds of stars or celebrities to ascertain what is deemed cool. Music and sports activities celebrities which may have featured in advertisements for Coca-Cola include Christina Aguilera, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and singer Mya. By having these celebrities support the product, Skol is connecting to the fresh audience which the product is deemed cool and linked with success. It must be known that the celebs that endorse Coca-cola as well tend to end up being young and attractive. This shows that the product is not just being positioned to appeal to all people that consider athletes and superstars successful. Rather, it is especially being positioned to charm to a fresh audience. This also reflects the fact that young people are more image mindful and so very likely to make purchase decisions based upon issues like perceived benefit of the product.

The ultimate point to be produced relates to the way that young adults are offered in Pepsi advertisements. It really is seen that in adverts where celebrities are not utilized, the people in the advertisements tend to be fresh, attractive, and fun-loving. In short, the image provided is of the “perfect” boy or girl. This frequently includes young adults in organizations taking part in entertaining activities. There is often a male-female element, wherever males and females are having fun jointly. In addition , the individuals inside the advertisements are attractive and appealing. This kind of appeals right to a young viewers because it represents what they target. Young people desire to fit in with their close friends, be approved, be considered appealing, be energetic and carefree, and possibly most of all, have fun. This can be a view presented in the adverts and this appeals right to a young market because it links with their needs. This shows the way the advertising tricks of Coca-Cola will be closely related to what young people want to obtain for themselves. The other essential point is the fact most Coca-Cola advertisements characteristic young people in groups. This is important because the different features observed in advertisements could also apply to old individuals. For instance , older persons can still always be influenced based upon a prefer to feel happy-go-lucky, attractive, or perhaps fun-loving. The main one aspect that differs to get a teen and adult target audience is the concentrate on fitting in. For the audience, most people will have a purpose to achieve personal success, with this overriding the need to become accepted simply by others. This is not the case for some teens, with all the need to fit in and be recognized by colleagues a major motivation. This means that the group part of Coca-Cola advertising is designed to charm specifically to teenager, with this showing that Coca-Cola especially tries to catch the attention of customers at an early age.

It has now been viewed that Coca-Cola advertise and use multimedia specifically to entice young consumers. This is seen in the way that advertising campaigns happen to be directed at a audience. Also this is seen in just how that Pepsi links alone with products that appeal to the younger generation. Finally, it is seen Skol advertisements are created to appeal to the specific needs of most teenagers, especially the need to fit in and be accepted. This shows that Coca-Cola’s image being a brand connected to children is no accident. This graphic is anything specifically produced, with the company designed to appeal to the younger generation and catch the attention of consumers while very young.

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