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Excerpt from Study Proposal:

The large quantity of Asian supporters attracted by Fernando is a very beneficial market segment for Dodgers tickets and merchandising. Time ticket sales can be situated concomitantly with new promoting in order to bring the Mexican market.


The Hispanic market can also be used as a concentrate on for placing Dodgers tickets and selling. Positioning refers to the image the company makes for its merchandise in the head of consumers. Both the target market segments are consequently used in building a favorable photo for the Dodgers and their tickets

Marketplace positioning is definitely fluid and evolves with all the product alone. Fernando’s addition and succeeding success inside the Dodgers is therefore a catalyst to get positioning development for the ticket advertising company.

Setting refers to the position of a merchandise within the market. Dodgers tickets are important for the high-end market and specifically to the Mexican market. Dodgers tickets should therefore end up being identified as specifically targeted to such people. One strategy of positioning is definitely merchandising. Tee shirts and caps can by way of example be used to boost ticket product sales on different platforms. Product sales marketing can easily for example be achieved together with promoting, offering cost-free merchandise to get specific tickets or a established number of acquisitions, for example. Through the game, goods can also be provided for sale or provided being a prize in competitions.

To get the seat tickets themselves, approaches that can be used include pricing, quality, assistance, distribution, and packaging.

Ticketed pricing depends upon the season and the position with the seat within the stadium. More expensive seats will also include penetration of00 of services. These are targeted towards the sophisticated market. Lower-priced seats would be in the bulk, catering towards the larger Asian market. In establishing these prices, the income level of customers are taken into consideration, as well as the probability of purchasing products. The merchandise itself can also be priced according to the industry segments engaged. Lower-priced products can such as be t shirts and shelves with Dodgers emblems, while higher-priced products could be collector’s merchandise such as t-shirts, caps and bats used by associates themselves.

Top quality is consistently applied by giving specific products and services in keeping with the positioning and selling price of each chair within the arena. Elite products and services are offered to high-end clients, while the lower-paying patrons are supplied with services and products estimated to be affordable to them.

Providers include services during solution sales and in addition that offered during the game itself. On-line sales can for example always be optimized simply by immediate response and ticketed availability. The customer’s convenience can be considered by offering a choice of ticket collection either by printing or perhaps by actually collecting the purchased solution at a determine position. Online providers can also add a Web site with information on the Dodgers crew, and the accessibility to buying standard merchandise and collectors things online.

As mentioned above, tickets may be distributed possibly in on-line format or via collection at an actual location. Likewise, merchandise could be ordered on the web, purchased with tickets, or purchased on the location wherever games will be attended. In terms of packaging, many different creative choices are available to the company. Tickets that are gathered can such as be provided in envelopes printed with emblems with the team. High-priced tickets may be packaged in envelopes with team members’ autographs. Pertaining to merchandise, packaging depends upon the distribution approach. Mail order merchandise could for example always be packaged in printed wrap and boxed for durability.

The ticket sales company has its own avenues designed for positioning on its own favorably into their targeted marketplace segments. Also, it is however essential to recognize the fluidity of positioning in line with the evolution from the game as well as the team. The ethnic make-up of the crew should furthermore be taken into mind in industry segmentation. The pricing of tickets ought to be concomitant together with the income degree of the market sections.

In conclusion, the Dodgers is positioned very well within the world of snowboarding, particularly with players such as Fernando. The presence of this gamer should after that integrate with the entire marketing strategy in order to optimize ticket sales. It should be recognized that solution sales is an integrated procedure with the industry and the availability of other goods. Merchandise can be an important catalyst for solution

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