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Research from Analysis Proposal:

The immediate selling technique will be a site that will include a product setup application. A distribution partner portal will also be created which gives distributors and dealers the cabability to customize the Liberta Ultralight in quantity for their customers as well. The use of channel strategies to actively showcase the use of mass customization as being a product differentiator will also be accomplished through intense dealer and channel schooling (Swiercz, Lydon, 388). Finally the use of a built-in Partner Romance Management (PRM) system that will give funnel partners the flexibility to provide shops with support on a 24/7 basis can also be created. The intent is always to create enough support pertaining to channel tactics so they can develop up to 70 – 70 percent of total revenue pertaining to the product line.

Deb. Promotion

There are many aspects of promotion that need to be as part of the launch in the Liberta Ultralight. First, there is the need to quickly and convincingly differentiate their value with thought leaders, key influencers and members of the analyst and sector press. This could be accomplished through a series of outreach campaigns and in addition by providing these types of key influencers with the initial production devices so they can test and evaluate them. All of these key influencers need to also have access to the engineering clubs so their particular questions may be quickly taken care of immediately, and if any problems arise, they can be quickly fixed. One more aspect of the promotional method for the Liberta Ultralight is in creating a wide range of buzz on the net through the use of social media technologies. A representative set of these applications are shown in Figure W: Web 2. zero Applications. Creating Facebook, Friendfeed and Facebook accounts and also creating and continually offering new articles for blogs is critical. These strategies interlink with the dependence on the third major promotional strategy for launching the ultralight, and that is making sure search engine optimization (SEO) can be attained on the company’s web page through the use of keywords and targeted blogging activity to drive up search engine rankings. Paid out search through Facebook needs to become included in the advertising launch also, so that when ever someone searches on the term “ultralight PC” or “netbook” they will see the Liberta Ultralight ad within the right side of the Google screen. All of these activities should be coordinated into a single consolidated strategy to ensure the freedom that the Liberta Ultralight gives is evidently and well communicated.

Bottom line

The market to get ultralight or netbook systems is growing by a very quick rate due to the growth of social networking applications (Bernoff, Li, 36) and the developing adoption of low-priced devices that have SSD-based drives to optimize safe-keeping costs and minimize power consumption. The capacity of ultralights to stay coupled to the Web has been sporadic on the other hand. In devising a product design and style that includes EVDO technology (Lee, Kwak, Kim, Kim, 296) and the capability to customize designs (Hutchings, Knox, 74) the Liberta Ultralight will obtain significant market position and still have a defensible, competitive unique value task as it is released.

V. Appendix

Figure A: Web 2. zero Meme Map

Source: (O’Reilly, 2006)

Figure B: Web 2. 0 Applications





Online diary or diary entry around the Internet, which usually primarily supports text, picture (photoblog), online video (vlog), and audio (podcast) formats

Yahoo, AOL, and Yahoo give free blogging and site-building platforms


Web services that collects related content material from multiple source

IBM’s mashup applications enable task managers to fit team assets with a map to identify the geographical spots of the methods

Peer-to-Peer Networking

A technique intended for effectively writing music, sound, and text files

Napster and Gnutella are well-known peer-to-peer systems

Real Basic Syndication (RSS)

Feed-based technology that, with an RSS reader, allows users a subscription to newly released content such as text, Web pages, sound files, photos, and video

RSS feed may contain the total content, for example a podcasting, or simply the link to the content material

Social Media

Encompasses all on the web tools (blogs, podcasts, Wikis, social networks, vlogs) and Websites enabling visitors to share content material, such as text, audio, picture s, and videos

Well-liked social media sites contain YouTube (video) and Reddit (photos)

Social network

Web sites that permit users to create online networks and get in touch with friends and colleagues

Online communities include Facebook or myspace, Friendster, Fb, and Friends Reunited, and business marketing sites include LinkedIn and Ryze


Allows users to save or level online happy to share their particular recommendations to online users

Typically used by publishers of mass media sites trying to benefit from users’ recommendations Popularized by sites such as Digg and de. icio. us, which permit users to publish, categorize, and share their book marks


Enables users to develop and edit the content of your Web site, leveraging the expertise of internet surfers

Consumer Wikis enable users to touch upon content, moreover to croping and editing content

Wikipedia, a community Wiki encyclopedia, involves approximately 1 ) 3 million English-language articles or blog posts

Sources: (Bernoff, Li, 2008); O’Reilly, 2006. What is Web 2. 0. Design and style Patterns and Business Types of the next generation of Software. Tim O’Reilly. Published September 30, june 2006.

NUMBER C: Competitive Analysis

Item name

Asus Eee COMPUTER T91 (black)

Asus Eee PC 1005HA (Intel Atom N270 1 . 6GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 7 Home, black)

Dell Inspiron Mini twelve Netbook

Gateway LT3103u

HP Mini 5101 (Intel Atom N280 1 ) 66GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160GB HDD, XP OR 7 Home Basic)

HP 2140 Mini-Note

Nokia Booklet 3G (black)

Sony Vaio X (VPC-X115KX/N Unsecured personal Collection, gold)


$471. 95 to $549. 99

$307. 00 to $329. 99

$149. 99 to $528. 00

$317. ninety five

$416. twenty-five to $449. 99

$627. 98 to $652. 99

$599. 99

$1, 499. 99

CNET editors’ score

4. zero stars

General score: almost 8. 0 (4. 0 stars)

4. zero stars

Total score: almost 8. 4 (4. 0 stars)

3. a few stars

Overall score: 7. 9 (3. 5 stars)

3. a few stars

Total score: six. 2 (3. 5 stars)

4. zero stars

Total score: eight. 2 (4. 0 stars)

4. zero stars

Overall score: almost eight. 2 (4. 0 stars)

3. a few stars

General score: several. 6 (3. 5 stars)

3. a few stars

Overall score: several. 9 (3. 5 stars)

Average consumer rating

Facts Not Available

Facts Not Available

several. 5 actors

4. 0 stars

a few. 0 superstars

3. a few stars

a few. 5 stars

Info Unavailable

Release particular date

July 15, 2009

Summer 24, 2009

July 01, 2009

Aug 15, 2009

August 04, 2009

January 21, 2009

October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009

The Bottom Line

Asus does a good-job combining a Netbook and a touch display screen in the Eee PC T91, even if the system hits several first-generation snags.

Asus hits nearly all the marks inside the 1005HA, the most recent version of its iconic Eee LAPTOP OR COMPUTER, highlighted by a 6-hour-plus battery-life.

Dell’s well-known Mini 10 is the most personalized Netbook we’ve seen. Adding extras for example a higher-resolution display makes it even more useful, although also fog the price collection between Netbooks and mainstream laptops.

The 11-inch, AMD-powered Gateway LT3103u does very well on value and performance, nevertheless drops the ball in battery life in comparison with the competition.

HP’s biz-minded Tiny 5101 is a successor towards the Mini

CNET Editor’s decision with high accolades in the staff..

HEWLETT PACKARD offers reduced version of its plastic material Mini multitude of while keeping the price down, making the Mini 2140 the Netbook computer to overcome.

Nokia’s access in the crowded Netbook field shows that the company’s hardware know-how translates to computer design, but a poor selection of CPU will need to give you temporarily stop.

Sony’s striking experiment – a sophisticated luxury system with essentially Netbook parts – makes an enviable coffee shop conversation piece, but one that contains some significant sticker surprise.


10/100 Ethernet – Bluetooth – Ethernet

– Bluetooth 2 . 1

– Fast Ethernet

– IEEE 802. 11n (draft)

Network adapter – Ethernet

– Fast Ethernet

– IEEE 802. 11n (draft)

Information unavailable

Network adapter – Ethernet

– Fast Ethernet

Network card – Ethernet

– Fast Ethernet

– Gigabit Ethernet

– Wireless bluetooth 2 . one particular EDR

– IEEE 802. 11n (draft 2 . 0)

Network adapter – Ethernet

– Quickly Ethernet

– Gigabit Ethernet

– Wireless 2 . 0 EDR

– IEEE 802. 11n (draft)

Info unavailable

Network adapter – Ethernet

– Quickly Ethernet

– Gigabit Ethernet

– Bluetooth 2 . 1 EDR

Notebook Camera

Integrated – zero. 3 Megapixel

Integrated – 0. 3 Megapixel

Facts unavailable

Integrated – zero. 3 Megapixel

Integrated – 2 Mp


Info unavailable





1 GB

two GB DDR2 SDRAM – 533 MHz

1 GB (installed) / 2 GB (max) – DOUBLE DATA RATE 2 SDRAM – 533 MHz ( one particular x 1GB )

1GB (installed) as well as 2 GIGABITE (max) – DDR2 SDRAM – 800 MHz ( 1 times 1 GB )


2 GIGABITE (installed) as well as 2 GB (max) – DDR2 SYNCHRONOUS DYNAMIC RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY – 533 MHz ( 1 times 2 GIGABYTE )

Éclipse Memory

Facts unavailable

Facts unavailable

Details unavailable

512 KB – L2 cache

512 KB – L2 cache

512 KB – L2 éclipse

Info not available

512 KB – L2

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