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Quality acknowledgement regarding Hobby Girl Unit in Marlin Tx, poor air circulation, medical care and service and poison normal water. In the year 2003 I was bring in to Hobby Hotel understand as 76661 the hell hole. As stated inside my research First hand, information and information coming from inmates that has been document in court filing. Hobby Device was a place inmate passed away or planned to die by hands of other take their own lives. The penitentiary were overloaded and understaffed it was noted that the staff did not attention what happen to the inmates.

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The Staff were there just to get a paycheck.

The officer will write breach “Case up against the inmate simply because or do i need to say they may have power over the inmate. Having cases against you would mean you can lose you commissary privileges, your visitation rights and causing you to become lock down in single or maybe a two guys cell. These kinds of cells had been a terrible holds not any air circulation no medical treatment defendent die because of the treatment of the justice program.

The custody amounts were close and middle. If you were in closed custody of the children you would simply come out the cell for the shower and you would be handcuff tell you were lock into a shower. It was like an pet shelter there were less than moment in that place.

The only time the officer might come into the cellblock were to feed or if these people were force to assistant. In the event the inmate needed medical attention or help by beaten to death by another defendent or suspending themselves, the officers may not open the door to the cell tell higher-ranking officer which has a video camera was presently there. We are talking about human not really animals. Inmates are being treated as if they were animals. Inmates were getting unwell from the water that were leading to life warned illness, in the event the water or perhaps inadequate medical therapy did not get rid of them. There were reports of other inmates, officer or perhaps inmates choosing their own life. It was just a normal trip to Hobby Terrible. Hobby Device, women’s service in Texas. The problem with water toxic contamination is a continuing problem. The EPA report of Aug 5, 2004, based on your data extracted This summer 17, 2005. shows that the water being used for showering, cooking, and drinking, is usually contaminated and has been examined positive while using contaminate Atrazine.

There are zero purification options for these women inmates. Potential short-term overall health effects via Atrazine the fact that EPA features documented when folks are revealed for short periods happen to be congestion inside the heart, lungs and kidneys, low stress, muscle spasms, weight-loss, damage to adrenal glands. Permanent Atrazine gets the potential to cause the following effects from a long time exposure in levels above the MCL: weight-loss, cardiovascular damage, retinal and several muscle deterioration, and malignancy. Inmates and families of inmates are worrying they are in ill health insurance and suffering from high temperature exhaustion, just adding to the condition. There is deficiency of ventilation bringing the temperature to 120 levels inside the cellblock, unsanitary conditions, sleep starvation, and the contaminated water the inmates having to drink due to fresh bottled water being short in supply, and not accessible to all inmates. The penitentiary official must be appalled by lack of humane treatment, and ongoing medical problems because of contaminated drinking water within the Hobby Unit.

This matter ought to be investigated, and a suitable answer be made at once. Inmates are human beings and incarcerated to get rehabilitation, never to be misuse or mistreated. There is a have to provide water in bottles for all inmates and sufficient medical care. This can be a need and a must. These problem happen to be serious and really should be handled and used very serious. This really is an emergency; inmates are dying at and the side of our Rights Systems. This particular at the ladies prison have been sited one hundred and eighty times as 2001 plus the problems remain in existence along with other spectacular alleged violations and twelve alleged infractions, which were noted and yet to get resolved. The women locked in the Hobby Device in Marlin Texas in hot weather of the the southern part of summer have been completely getting incredibly ill through the water supply inside that unit.

This has been occurring for years. Representatives deny this kind of accusation and insist that bottled of water can be acquired. However , no one can carry enough bottled water to their cubicle to last the 2 weeks among commissary appointments. The space is definitely limit in your cell to house all of your personal supplies. Certainly not everyone can find the money for to buy normal water. These girls “have to have water! Commissary is a joke just another way for the state to generate money but not help the helpless. There is no air condition in the popular Texas summers and the temperature does performs during the winter months. Again, the state will say you can aquire a fan although not everyone can afford to buy enthusiasts. For the state to concern an inmate a fan the inmate must not have any money on their be the cause of at least six months with out prison insurance plan violations against them. It can take up to week’s even weeks to receive a devotee. Inmates have died via heat stokes waiting around the Justice system to do all their job.

The subsequent statements are taken from court public records pertaining to a lawsuit that was registered by Helen Ann Caples, an defendent at the Hobby Unit, a women’s penitentiary located around Marlin, Tx: “For the past several years, Marlin’s water has become contaminated. In 2003, our drinking water was determined to be contaminated; the offenders of Hobby Device were limited to using three six-ounce cups of of normal water per day for all purposes. Bathroom flushes had been absent to get lack of water. “The product was applying portal Johns, but close custody had not been allowed to since they cannot leave the cell because of their custody that were not consider important. The toilet in the cells backed up with urine and waste while chicken flies, and gnats had started to surface area due to the lavatories not being flushed. It was such as this for four to five days.

Three-minute showers or any shower nevertheless once a week had been added afterwards. All this occurred in 2003, but the issue originally commenced years ago. “This contaminated water should just be used ” if they just have to utilize it at all ” for the purpose of bathing and flushing toilets. An improved filtration system pertaining to our water is the only solution to this problem, and according to risk manager Emily Davidson, this kind of [filtration system] has been a lengthy anticipated way to be set up in the near future. [Note: A water-polishing unit supposedly treated the contaminants problem, but a risikomanagement official has admitted to Caples that more filtration is necessary! Until that extra purification installed, the Hobby Unit inmates stay exposed to polluted water. ]

In August of 2004 [note: the heat was jogging anywhere from 95 to 106 degrees daily at the time] offenders at the Hobby Unit experienced several steam water issues. Some [boil alerts] survived an entire month. Nevertheless, TDCJ officials said there was nothing at all wrong together with the water. [Note: there were six suicides and four fatalities due to heat-related illness that same summer season. ] However , there is more wrong with the an environment here at the Hobby Device than just the water. “In The spring 2006, a woman that I understand died. She had colon cancer and lost charge of her feces. Three long-time inmates have got cancer: breast cancer; the other two possess colon cancer and have put on diapers. A different inmate offers fibrosis. Each one of these women are in their early on 40s.

You will find problems with H-pylori that many inmates have attained while providing time at the Hobby Unit. H-pylori are bacteria found in the stomach and known to trigger ulcers. Below recently, inmates have blood in their urine, complicated with a high white blood cellular count that causes cancer. All of this happened since incarcerated with the Hobby Device.  “Besides all that above stuff, each of our showers also provide worms [maggots] that turn into flies on the ground along the bathtub stalls. During winter, rats operate from cellular to cell looking for foodstuff, and roaches and drinking water bugs are always in our skin cells. The chow hall has birds that fly out and in, and fowl droppings on the tables and floors. (12-7-05) Ms. Franzoni [a field boss] was working the chow lounge when a bird flew in through a window near the limit and pennyless its the neck and throat. Ms. Franzoni picked the dead bird up as whether it were OKAY.

No one seems to think there is anything wrong about parrots flying out-and-in of the chow hall. Nevertheless , birds bring lice, and several carry a type of bird flu virus. Yet the entry doors to the chow hall stay open plus the birds believe that it is a big barn with lots of meals in it. Some tourists (ACLU) had been on the product and they observed the birds flying in and out of the chow hall. Yet , they were just as the Hobby Unit staff and COs and did not see anything incorrect with that either.  “Dealing together with the water concern and the possibility of [related] future health concerns makes it scary enough in here and not having to deal with earthworms [maggots] in the showers and birds traveling by air in and out in the chow hall. (May dua puluh enam, 2006) During chow period, a parrot flew across the table of Nicole Williams and another inmate and did his business [pooped] on the table. A kitchen staff member halfway cleared the desk with a kitchen rag, nevertheless Lt. Jeff would not let us move to one more table. This individual gave all of us the option to either problem down and eat or get the hell out. 

(Helen Ann Caples 2003) The sworn affidavit of inmate Jessica Garza #1293892 reads as follows: “I possess dizziness, awful headaches, and it makes me seriously sick to my abdomen when I beverage this jail tap water. I believe there has to be something done about this water. (Garza, M 2005, May 5) The sworn diploma of defendent Kelley Courtney [no number available] reads as follows: “The water here at the Hobby Unit makes me genuinely sick at times. I keep a bad pain at all times.

You will find reported tummy virus, diarrhea, and negative stomach cramps. It reaches the point that we feel as if I am dying. Within the last 2 yrs, inmates have found out they may have over-active thyroid gland problem. I did not have this issue in the free universe. I really feel that the water to drink is triggering many of my personal health problems. The doctors have recently located a group on my correct breast that might be cancer. I am unsure at this point, yet Lord understands this water is eliminating many of the inmates. Could this water become the reason we feel dizzy and try to distribute all the time? Lord help almost all to be established free of this distasteful water.  (Courtney, K 2006, June 6)

Press Release

For Quick Release, since November 27, 2006

By Sue Caples

“I’ve heard that only a strong jail reform motion can earn and implement significant legal victories. Nevertheless, the prison reform movements can also reap the benefits of court action to build its political durability. A well-publicized lawsuit can educate persons on the outside regarding conditions in prison. The struggle to power a courtroom order can easily play an important role in political business both inside and outside jail. Favorable court rulings saved by a good reform activity can persuade prison staff to hold back to ensure that conditions inside prison are a small less intense.

The inmates of the Hobby Unit are being exposed to contaminated water, plus the results are MALIGNANCY: stomach and colon tumor. Moreover, there is nothing being done about this because inmates’ lives suggest nothing to the TDCJ officials who have charge of their confinement. All that matters is definitely seeing to it that individuals serve our time, and controlling us until we all die. Additionally , many of us are, actually actually in the act of about to die a little more every day that we use in Hobby Prison Heck. I hope and pray that press release is somewhat more than just identified; I hope that someone can you should help us. (Caples, L 2006, The fall of 27) Respectfully Submitted, Pertaining to Immediate Discharge, as of Nov 27, 06\ By Helen Caples

Sue Caples #535949

Hobby Unit

742 FM 712

Marlin, TEXAS 76661

In solidarity together with the women with the Hobby Device, Tom Hardin, Texoma Parti, Oklahoma City Office Marlin The state of texas ” Hobby Women’s Jail ” Notification writing campaign to TCEQ Water was brown and causing cancer and lots of sickness. There are many ladies in this jail unfortunately, in December 2007 TCEQ received another letter (see below) highlighting that further accounts of sickening water and additional underscoring that the fight is usually not above.

She has been serving as of this prison at present ” in least 5 years. This lady has known that tetrazzini is in their water. She explained they are screening water by Hobby Unit every day but will not let the inmates start to see the results from the tests, though she promises that this lady has seen a number of the information. The lady claims that at least four healthier women that she is aware of of had been to the medical center for passing out. At first, was thought that probably she was exaggerating or perhaps that it could be something else but after examining your page, it sounds so much worse than she understood. Robin Mind wrote: Via: “Robin Head

Subject: RE: Hobby Drinking water Suit

Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 12: 17: 2009 -0700

Robin Head creates, “She was on the Hobby unit if the water gone bad in the Hobby device in Marlin, Texas in 2001. Indicators were submitted to all dormitory walls that read, “Unknown Bacteria in the water and instructed us not to beverage the water.  Sealy Hospital, Gastrology Department called this IBS coming from an unknown origin and put me personally on Nexium for 2 yrs., after shifting to The state of nevada the Dr . has me on Zelnorm. It is not possible for me to maintain a job due to this persistent and frequent disease. There would not seem to be a cure just a wide range of daily band aides for a lifetime I guess. Robin Head 06 27, 06\.

Quoting with permission from your letter of Helen Caples now incarcerated in Hobby Unit, Marlin Texas. “My name can be Helen Ann Caples and I’m litigating Pro Aprendí. I filed a civil action suit against the mayor of Marlin TEXAS, the Mature Warden, as well as the former Warden about the contaminated normal water. I have bloodstream in my urine, painful gastric distress, abnormal pap smears, muscle spasms and other symptoms. I actually received the address from Malissa Hawkins who has a new breast taken off. She received your treat from Jewelry Brown. ** There is Linda Johnson, this lady has colon cancer. Debra Ove has fibrosis on her womb. There are several other folks. This case must go general public such as press releases.

I composed to Mister. Ray Slope Prison Radio Talk Demonstrate, a State Representative and Tx Cure. My spouse and i also think that the contaminated water can be coming from Falls Co high are many cattle feed a lot. The ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY and everyone worried are getting by with all these types of different sort of permits and individuals are suffering while authorities officials are allowed to hide in back of these distinct immunities. Toxicological experts should be out here running tests on all of this wasted that is certainly carelessly being dumped and pumped in our water supply. You can smell the water here and when you drink this, you can taste it and it hits your abdomen like business lead. This complete unit has the aroma of swamp.  More information regarding Hobby water “These are person slowly poisoned. They cannot grab their possessions and go on to a safer environment. They are wards with the state. How could we let this to stay???  (Knueppel. K)

The most up-to-date information we’ve been able to acquire states that plans to get the advancements to the water system has become received by simply TCEQ at the conclusion of 06\. We would like to find out if the strategies have indeed been permitted, and the time-line to apply the advancements. In addition , we wish to know if the plan is place to check the prison water through the coming several weeks. From By 16-18th they ran that chlorine therefore strong around the 16th that burnt each of our eyes, throats and more. In that case on the 17th, they limited our utilization of the showers. It was the most effective on the 17th.

You could certainly not shower extended because it was so strong it was hard to suck in it for so long. They have the neurological to give it to all of us to drink at chow finding out how strong it can be.  I actually do not discover why they need this strength of chlorine. This lady has explained to me that the chlorine is run through the plumbing on a regular monthly schedule. This occurs a bit either before or after the 20th of each and every month. That lasts for 3 days together with the third working day being the strongest then it battres off. The 2 statements that I sent to you last night verify Aleshas studies.

Texas Commission payment of Environmental Quality regulated standards. 1) Kathleen Knueppel who operates an organization called Humane Treatment 4 Humans contacted GPTX to bring each of our attention to the plight of women in the Hobby penitentiary to obtain uncontaminated and drinking water, which in turn does not cause them to get sick. The Hobby Prison is located in Marlin, Texas appr. Two hrs from Austin tx just east of Waco and Brow. The city has become having bouts with a awful water supply for many years and while these outside the jail can find a few reprieve in bottled water, the bottled water inside prison is costly pertaining to prisoners yet cheaper intended for guards to purchase inside then simply outside. She has collected 20+ statements kind prisoners outlining these conditions and the lady sent me a letter from Isaac Jackson from the Texas Commission about Environmental Top quality, which itemizes violations in the Marlin hydrant June2001, Feb2002, Sep2002, Nov2003, Apr2005, Nov2004, and Oct2005.

The city provides 14 violations from TCEQ and in May 2006, a gathering determined the city needed major capital funding to bring it in compliance. The town obtained $1M grant and $11. 6M loan to convert the old treatment flower to a contemporary membrane filtering method, add moving capacity also to construct one more water tower system. The loan is contingent on style approval, that was supposed to have occurred Oct you 2006. And after that, they approximate it will take 1 . 5 years for the construction project to complete. The best way I can tell, the design is still exceptional. There were drinking water tests performed at Hobby, which reportedly were typical in January, but they are not done in the summertime nor during one of the regular water boil bands.

January 1, 98, a state rules went into result that requires the department of criminal justice to collect a fee from every single offender who have requests a visit to physician you will be charged a $3. 00 fee for each medical visit that you just request. Is made such a request with just and submitting a ill call ask for form, by requesting a staff member to provide assistance in accessing healthcare services or by revealing to the medical care facility and requesting medical services as being a walk-in sufferer.

The charge will be recharged to your trust fund accounts. If there is not enough money in your trust pay for account, what the law states requires that 50% of each deposit on your fund be applied to the amount payable until the total amount can be paid.


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