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1 . Executive Overview

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In early june 2006 Director of Development and Community Affairs, Ashley Mercer and Movie director of Financing and Operations, Donald Begleiter, of the Marshant Museum of Art had a meeting to discus the companys recent trend of deficit. Eventually earlier a meeting was held to start brain storming and go over some new and innovative ways of making the museum surge form it is deficit. This meeting set up multiple ideas that will allow the museum to focus on its 3 major concerns.

How to attract new memberships, preserve old memberships, and new market sections

Lacking of an image and public recognition

A $700, 000 buck deficit due to none profitability over the past 3 years

2 . Business Description

The Marshant Museum of Artwork and History is a not-for-profit corporation found in Universal City, a large metropolitan area in the western United States. Founded in 1925, the museum was originally chartered as the Fannel Region Museum of Fine Arts and financed by an annual appropriation from Fannel Region.

In 2000, the name was changed to the Jonathon A. Marshant Museum of Art and History to identify the museums major padrino, Jonathon A. Marshant, a wealthy regional landowner and philanthropist, who provided the museum which has a sizable endowment. Receiving a $28 million dollar connection in 97, led to the development of a new and expanded facility inside the central organization district of Universal City, the county seat of Fannel County.

The MMAH has large collection of skill spanning above 15, 500 pieces which they keep in generally there permanent collection. However , perform to space limitations not every it collection is displayed at the same time in addition they lend away some of they will art to other art museums to ensure that more people have a chance to see the great functions. The MMAH collection contains pre-Colombian, African, and Depression-Era art and also European and American attractive arts.

Available daily, there is not any charge pertaining to viewing the parts of the permanent collection that are displayed that working day, however , a modest fee of $3. 00 to $5. 00 is charged for particular exhibition that they themselves tend not to own. The MMA is additionally available for private showings which is often used pertaining to corporate, footings, and numerous fundraising situations, during weekday, and weekend evenings.

You will find 3 Departments in the museum: (1) Collections and Exhibitions, (2) Expansion and Community Affairs, and (3) Fund and Supervision. Each function is going by a director who information to the Art gallery Director. The museum contains a staff of 185 workers and an extra 475 volunteers.

Marshant Art gallery of Artwork and Background also keeps a close marriage with regional media to discharge stories about art and history mainly because it goes on display, public programs, and individual interest problems. This is to guarantee the communication with all the public regarding the latest updates of museum, and to bear them aware of the brand new exhibits coming and going. Public service announcements are usually written by the museum and aired about local r / c to promote particular exhibitions.

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