Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation Essay

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Martin Luther was your most powerfulk person from the 15th and 16th hundred years the reason being he rebelled against the catholic cathedral the highest authority in the world at that time. When Matn Luther travelled against the house of worship he not only reformed Christianity but converted every person in Europe in a thinking human being. So when viewing the most important people of the time Martin Luther paved the way for all modern sciences. Martin Luther’s 92 Theses demonstrated obvious flaws and corruption throughout the Catholic Church.

When viewing Martin Luther’s ideals this individual showed the Catholic Cathedral had constructed rules that could not be seen in the holy bible. Due to this locating he led the Protestants into a even more direct translation of the holy bible. One of his largest achievements was the translation of the holy bible into the A language like german language. By simply translating the bible out of Latina and in to German this individual placed the interpretation in the word of god into the hands of folks that had been basically told god’s word via a Catholic stand point.

By glowing light on the problems with the Catholic House of worship Martin Luther created a say of people with minds of their own. By giving people a reason and the power to believe for themselves he lit the powder keg for the exit of the middle ages and entrance into the renaissance as well as the scientific innovation. And when looking at the medical revolution one can speculate that if Martin Luther’s Protestant reformation had not taken place when it did the Catholic Chapel would almost certainly have crushed any new scientific suggestions that did not conform to the teachings of the church.

To prove that the speculation features weight one can possibly look at the way the Catholic Cathedral employed key censorship with the Protestant theories. Martin Luther was the the majority of influential person of the 15th and 16th century because he shined mild upon the potency of the human head. By empowering people he gifted the earth with the spark that generated the technological revolution plus the split with the Catholic religious beliefs.

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