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Research from Thesis:

” (the Scriptures, 1990) This reference is usually speaking of the individuals who had been put to loss of life for their faithfulness during the time of the time known as the ‘Great Tribulation’. Browsing on verse eleven says that each of these martyrs receive a white-colored robe and are then informed that they should certainly “rest however for a small season, right up until their fellowservants also and the brethren which should be killed as they were must be fulfilled. ” (the Holy book, 1990)

The martyrs therefore , hold a particular place in the Kingdom of Our god. Revelations 20: 4 says:

And I found thrones, plus they sat upon them, and judgment was given to them: and I found the spirits of them which were beheaded intended for the experience of Jesus, and for the phrase of God, and which will had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his indicate upon their foreheads or in their hands, and they existed and ruled with Christ a thousand years. ” (the Bible, 1990)

This passage relates that place of large ranking in God’s Kingdom that those who are martyred for Christ and for those who refuse to take those ‘mark’ of the beast.


The publication of Revelations Chapter 2, Verse 10 states that one should not fear:

those things which in turn thou shalt suffer: behold the devil shall cast a number of you in prison, that ye could possibly be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days and nights: be thou faithful on to death, and I will give the a top of lifestyle. “(the Holy bible, 1990)

Facts, Chapter 2, Verse 11 states:

He that hath an headsets, let him hear what the Nature saith unto the chapels; He that overcometh shall not be injure of the second death. inch (the Holy bible, 1990)

In other words, God tells believers that while the world and its particular rulers may well kill bodily the who trust, the believer will receive a reward from The almighty and particularly “a crown of life” and that the martyrs will not go through the ‘second death’ which is death of the soul. The second death can be described as far a whole lot worse death than mere fatality because the reaction to the second loss of life is that the heart of the individual will probably be bound for a lot of eternity within a separation via God in what is known as ‘hell’.


Martyrdom, while terrifying by many Christian believers is in reality a death, which results in rewards and in substantial standing with God. When one should not really seek fatality but should certainly proceed with their walk in Christ with confidence, a martyrs loss of life is to never be shunned according to the Bible. God does not expect his people to incredibly seek loss of life by martyrdom but motivates them within their faith ought to this end up being their fate. God makes promises regarding the rewards of martyrs who will reign with Christ for the thousand-year period following Great Tribulation. Christian martyrdom is as old as a persons race and it is ever-present on the globe evidenced simply by reports that can come out of nations in the Middle East, China and other countries during

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