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The result of travel and leisure on the environment can be both positive and negative. Everyone or group of people will effects the area they visit in different ways. Whether it is within a negative or positive method is totally up to the visitor. Let’s consider the NEGATIVE affects first:

POLLUTING OF THE ENVIRONMENT ” This is probably the biggest adverse factor relating to tourism. Individuals have to travel to their destination. No matter whether it’s by plane overseas or by car to the local national park, vacationing puts exhausts into the air flow.

WASTE ” People typically use disposable items whenever they pack for the trip, all things considered, it’s a getaway and who would like to be troubled with cleansing dishes or perhaps saving waste for the compost? Landfill here it comes! PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION ” especially to the neighborhood fauna and animal environment. Tromping thoughtlessly through the forest, smashing straight down delicate flowers and solide or using deadfall and destroying home for regional ground home animals.

We may not even notice that which we are doing however the local area does. NOISE ” may not look like a big deal, although loud tones can scare animals out from the area and possibly even affect the local ecosystem. There are some CONFIDENT impacts too:

AWARENESS ” when people visit an area, they will notice points a local person may not. A tourist is likely to notice a problem like polluting of the environment or home encroachment and bring it towards the attention of local authorities or even the world! EDUCATION ” visitors provide an limitless supply of people from around the globe that can be targeted and well-informed on everything via forest stewardship to regional history and strategies for the future. FUNDRAISING ” a tourist provides an easy focus on for fundraising. Tourists shell out fees pertaining to everything from camping sites and park entrance fees, to licenses pertaining to fishing and hunting.

The greater tourists in a controlled location, means the greater money which can be collected to get things like education, policing and maintenance of nationwide wilderness areas. ACTION ” tourists browsing an area accomplish that for many factors. Maybe they are really looking for somewhere quiet wherever they can commune with nature or perhaps they wish to see a item of history. Awkward, when that tourist returns home, s/he will bear in mind the experience and might feel compelled to do some thing positive intended for the environment to aid save that area. These are only a few ways that a traveler can effects the environment. Your individual impact as a tourist is usually entirely your decision

Case Research

Through this unit you have studied how tourism influences on a variety of environments and exactly how the impact of tourism could be managed.

In the exam you will be mentioned one or more of those environments. Problem will be worth five marks on the Foundation paper and eight on the Higher, so that you need to revise carefully for people. In this product you have completed a case analyze for:

1 . A UK National Park or a coastal area elizabeth. g. Lake District or perhaps Blackpool

2 . A tropical destination e. g. Jamaica or perhaps Maldives

3. A long environment e. g. Support Everest base camp

Nepal or Antarctica

4. A good example of eco- travel and leisure e. g. The Galapagos Islands

On the pursuing pages you will find some brief records about each one of the destinations previously mentioned and some practice case study questions.

A UK Nationwide Park: Lake District Countrywide Park

Where is the Lake Area and why do people visit?

The Lake Area National Playground is in the North West of England and attracts 16 million visitors every year since it has amazing scenery ” mountains and lakes. Additionally, there are lots of options for exercises ” hillside walking, going, mountain climbing and cycling. People also visit the picturesque towns ” Ambleside and Keswick to visit key tourist attractions such as Beatrix Knitter museum plus the pencil art gallery. What is the impact of tourism?

Footpath erosion from the a lot of walkers

Conflicts between farmers and visitors mainly because they keep litter, entrance open, trigger fires, make traffic congestion which affects their particular business and livelihood

Traffic congestion as much visitors travel to the Lake District plus the narrow region roads are not designed to handle

Alterations the character of quiet villages if tourists come in good sized quantities. Visitors could be noisy and might not value the rural life-style

Increased house rates as metropolis folk buy second homes in the country, which will make the more high-priced for the poorer paid country persons.

How can be tourism handled in National Parks?

The Nationwide Park Expert is responsible for growing strategies to cope with large numbers of people to protect the residents, neighborhood economy, businesses and the rural way of life for future years. It does this kind of in a number of ways:

Development of travel and leisure has been centered on certain sites elizabeth. g. Lake Windermere and Keswick to be able to protect other locations. These developed areas happen to be known as ‘honeypots’

Country footpaths have been reinforced in order to avoid erosion from the huge numbers of walkers

Number of parking areas has been improved to take targeted traffic off filter country roads and to prevent inconsiderate parking

Job opportunities increased intended for the local inhabitants when classic farming industrial sectors are in decline throughout the development of ‘honeypots’

A tropical destination: Jamaica

Where is Jamaica and why do people go to?

Jamaica is a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea and is a part of a group of destinations known as the West Indies. The island receives on the million worldwide visitors annually because it offers wide, soft sand beaches and attractions inside the cities and towns just like bars, museums and theme parks.

8% of the inhabitants are employed in tourism and it’s a very important sector to the nation because every tourist spends on average US$931 which is a 20% contribution to GDP.

What is the impact of travel and leisure?

Jamaica is a destination that both benefits and suffers from ‘mass tourism’ Mass tourism is tourism over a large scale into a particular region or place. The destination will be at the development or consolidation stage on the Butler’s life routine model. Adverse impacts contain: Using up the little normal water the country is wearing swimming pools


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