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Many things could go wrong in a career nevertheless is crucial to try and avoid any kind of mistakes specially in a health-related setting. It someone’s lifestyle and wellness you are responsible for. I have seen quality the effects of negligence had over a patient. My personal sister was only 22 and was going in to acquire her appendix removed, and instead they taken out her fallopian tubes! All of it boiled down to a nurse, who was working overtime, however, mixed my own sister’s chart up with one more patient. My cousin was rushed towards the emergency room and in ICU pertaining to 2 weeks because a doctor acquired left a part of a sponge inside her whenever the girl was possessing a hysterectomy. It is scary to take into account things like this kind of happening. They are called “never-events”, because they are significant incidents which will have never took place and could had been prevented (Reid, 2013).

If these two accidents occurred with somebody making an error with a data or not paying suitable attention (WHILE ACTUALLY EXECUTING THE SURGERY), imagine the conditions that could happen in the event that someone was reading a chart and mixed up abbreviations. While both of these incidents that happened didn’t involve dilemma of an abstract, it very well could have been. I think it would be easier to make the mistake of confusing an abbreviation than it would be to forget a sponge inside someone!

While physicians using medical abbreviations will make their job flow more efficient and execute more work in less time, it may also cause problems like crypticness and ambiguity (Tulane University Institution of Medicine, 2012). I have become written prescription medications or doctor instructions often times and not had the capacity to read them. It constantly made me wonder how the pharmacists could read them at times. I can understand why certain abbreviations could be fatal. In 2007, the Countrywide Academies of Science’s Commence of Medicine (IOM), a doctors illegible handwriting (many mistakes from unclear abbreviations and dosages) is in charge of more than several, 000 deaths and damage more than 1 . 5 , 000, 000 people each year (Caplan, 2007). Some doctors have now changed from pencil and conventional paper, to electronic digital prescriptions. 90% of approximately 550, 000 doctors have access to the web, but lower than 10% of these have started using e-prescription systems (Caplan, 2007).

Although the majority are honest faults, it is still something that could be prevented. I think it is well worth taking the extra time to write away something, whether it meant existence or death of a sufferer. No matter the length of time someone helps you to save by reducing corners, it can NEVER always be worth more than someone else’s existence.

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