medicine testing intended for welfare receivers

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I do think that this is an efficient thesis statement because it evidently outlines my personal paper and it claims what side of this conversation I have chosen to represent. It is stated clear, succinct, and to the idea. Because mandatory drug assessment for wellbeing recipients is an issue which is not in full result, it may be difficult to get opinions from “reliable sources concerning these kinds of legislation. This may also be difficult to determine long-term effects of such a program just like cuts in spending and reductions in drug abuse.

I will be researching government websites both equally nationally and locally.

I would personally also like to contact local government reps to perhaps get a viewpoint about the concept of said legislation. In addition , because is such a new topic, there are many newspapers to analyze that will have the latest on states that want to begin developing the idea of obligatory drug tests. It will be hard to avoid reasonable fallicies with this topic.

Because I actually am coming down on one side of this dialogue and want to persuade my target audience, I will desire to use comments and info from those that view it as I do.

Employing statistics which have been deemed informative will help in showing why these are not merely biased views from political figures that are just looking for one other vote. If I were to start to persuade a town council meeting or create a letter to my local government representatives about the importance of mandatory medicine testing for welfare receivers, I would begin by saying: Well being is not an entitlement! It was never intended to be as such.

Once President Roosevelt enacted the Social Security Act in 1935, it had been during the 1930s, when 25% of Americans had been unemployed. After that welfare has generously extended its side to millions of Americans (2012). Once someone is benefitting coming from these courses, and is not deemed disabled, it should be viewed as a “hand up not a “hand out. It is an issue all over the country that welfare is being abused by its benefactors. Cards are utilized for CREDIT withdrawals, to buy liquor, obtaining cigarettes, and in many cases gambling in casinos.

Foodstuff stamps will be being freely traded pertaining to drugs (Camden, 2011). Let alone the deceptiveness that is taking place about how various dependents a recipient is liable for. To be subjected to a simple urine test to obtain money and benefits from the U. S, government can be not too much to bear. It is no diverse from obliging to mandatory medicine testing to get a job. Fl state chief excutive Rick Jeff has mentioned that in the state exclusively they will save 9 , 000, 000 dollars 12 months because of rewards being cut due to necessary drug testing.

With these types of cuts in spending country wide, it is sure to reduce authorities spending a great deal. Not to mention the effect it will have in drug abusers. Florida condition governor Rick Scott offers implemented drug counseling on a volunteer basis for those benefactors that test positive (Delaney, 2011). Cuts in spending, responsible division of benefits and reductions in drug abuse, this sounds like a win-win circumstance for us every. References Writer Unknown, (2012), The History of Welfare, Recovered from: http://www. elfareinfo. org/history/ Delaney, A., (2011, The fall of 27). Ron Scott Backs Drug Tests for Wellbeing Beneficiaries, General public Worker, and Himself, Retrieved from: http://www. huffingtonpost. com/2011/09/27drug-testing-welfare-_n_983235-. html/ Camden, J., (2011, February 04). The Spokesman-Review, Abuse of Welfare Digital Benefits Copy Cards Targeted, Retrieved coming from: http://www. speaker. com/stories/2011/feb/04/abuse-of-welfare-electronic-benefits-transfer/


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