merits and demerits of traditional western culture

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How there is head and tail to get a coin, there is both great and unfavorable impact of western lifestyle on India and especially on Indian children, In past in India men were our traditional dresses, great it is totally changed, at this point the American indian youth shifting with jeans, t-shirts, minimum, micros, etc ., here we are able to proud of that western traditions, it delivering us with the fast moving community. But when all of us consider the pubs, it is the thing to be strictly punished.

In bars both men and women happen to be in radical stage, by using drugs, it ought to be punished. And we need to experienced sorry for this. And presently there r lots of things to be taken from the western traditions. Effect Of European Culture In Indian Children

Well Universe is changing, because of lot of developments in a variety of sectors like IT, MANUFACTURING, Revolution of Elizabeth COMMERCE and more ¦ possess brought the ties between various nations/ people and the cultures to get mixed with each other.

WELL WE WOULD TAKE A PREJUDICED OPINION FROM THIS. Lets take sort of USA. Well Indians happen to be crazy of adopting European Culture JUST LIKE DRESS CODE, MUSIC, HABITS, IMPORTING INTERNATIONAL GOODS. What not we feel therefore attracted to all those. But simply by adopting all of us dint loose our customs and tradition; we tend to combination both of them.

It all depends on person likes and dislikes, how he /she will act according to situations. As our good friend PAVANI has mentioned like PUBS need to be strictly suspended. Well that cant is possible realistically. In the event that an individual makes a decision what is good/bad for them every person can be in charge ¦rite My spouse and i finally stress points just like No matter people adopt whatsoever the lifestyle ¦ They shud take the limits and act rationally according to the circumstances. We jus cant stop/Ban things by considering it to get western /eastern. We need to assess what benefits we get and try to choose. alternatives. Since what all we wish is PROGRESS/DEVELOPMENT ultimately to our nation.

Therefore it is EVERY FOLKS RESPONSIBILY TO CONTRIBUTE HIS OR HER PART TO IT. Perhaps always the other side of the turf is green. We seated here always crave and imitate american people and the culture. Whilst they are now heading craze over yoga, Ayurveda and wide range of other historic traditions. How shame we all don’t have us patents for yoga. Coming back to the question, certainly we are in the midst of such a western trend that we have nearly forgotten what our roots are. We are running a’moke over this kind of western culture, that in the next number of generations, we would have become really westernised.


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