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In the book, Message to Garcia, Rowan was asked to offer a message to General Garcia, whom is at Cuba at that time. However , General Garcia is at a place that all few people knew about which will made it impossible to send him the message through a telegraph. The only way they will could reach him was by a person directly brining the message to Basic Garcia, which Rowan was tasked to do. When Rowan was advised about this objective he was not really given any longer information other than what to do.

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He used his own means and performed the mission, and in the face of many hurdles he would not abandon his assignment. Rowan showed various traits we as Marine corps strive to emulate. Discipline is known as a way of behaving that reveals a readiness to abide by rules or orders. Willpower and determination are the two biggest persona traits that I took away in the book, A note to Garcia.

It shower room a regimented individual, including Rowan, who had been able to adapt to unfavorable conditions and maintain his sense of mission and accomplish the task in front of you. Rowan was told to perform something and didn’t request any queries. He would not stop until the job was finished.

This individual proves he can be dependable to carry out virtually any task in the simplest towards the most complicated and important.

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