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Excerpt from ‘Data Analysis’ part:

Exceed Q’s

(TCOs 2, a few, 7 and 9) You currently help a store.

Your company keeps growing and is considering expansion. The company currently features three spots (East, Western world, and Central) in one condition and would like to consider expanding within the same state. You could have been offered the product sales figures the past three years for each of your locations. Based on this information, you are tasked with analyzing current sales.

The company classifies the sales with the stores in to two groups. They are possibly retail sales to home users, or wholesale to contractors. You want to determine whether the expansion is in the price tag sales, the wholesale revenue, or evenly in equally to better develop an growth strategy.

The information from these types of operations ought to be combined inside the easiest way possible. If the info sample can be small it would be easiest in order to cut and paste the information into one data file. However , in the event the three places have a large data set then the “import” data characteristic can be used to incorporate the data. As soon as the data is definitely combined as one file then the sort characteristic can be used to isolate the various items of interest. When the categories are developed then functions such as autosum can be used to total the different kinds of interest.

5. A – (TCO 9) The data has been provided for you in one mixed. csv document showing the sales for all those three stores for the last 3 years. The stores all categorize sales as both retail or wholesale, but they are not steady in how they do this. The West location uses a code of L. For retail, or Watts. For wholesale. The different locations use RS intended for retail revenue or WS for inexpensive sales. Clarify the steps involved with converting the data from the. csv file to Excel, and what measures you will decide on ensure your data is workable for your purpose.

The easiest way to achieve this is to use the sort function to isolate the info points that you would like to rename. Then you can find the first level, rename this, and then pull it to change the rest of the data points. Yet , in a huge data collection it may be more effective to create a rule to quickly transfer the info.

* B – (TCO 2) Explain, based on materials covered through this class, the approach to setting up your worksheet and organizing the data.

Mainly because you have almost all sales data, you want to summarize it by month.

Again, you could use the information sort device

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