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POLSCI 111Gerard Chretien

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Summary of American GovernmentMay 15, 2001


Dear Mister. President

Like a proud American and seasoned of our wonderful armed forces, We strongly advocate that you trigger a new policy regarding the maintenance and strategic welfare of the nations makes. The current circumstances of our armed service are not in sync with all the needs of the 21st century challenges and aims. There is quite a few issues that have to be addressed such as: new system development, embrace pay, debt consolidation of various applications, review of oversea deployment plan and so forth.

Currently you know that your predecessor (malignant Bill Clinton) and his government have not produced any insurance plan to up grade our makes during his presidential period. Having served in the army, I can state from personal experience, that our forces desire a desperate infusion of new weaponry and tactical programs that might do away with ineffective and out of date ones. Our men and women, who also wear their very own proud consistent, represent certainly one of Americas most treasured possessions, thus their needs must be organised to a substantial standard.

During the Clinton age, for that matter, since the end in the Reagan era, defense spending has been systematically reduced for all the models (omitting the Gulf War). This type of reduction leaves the armed forces inadequately supplied with solutions to fight issues that affect the U. T. domestically and abroad. The current status must be overhauled and restructured.

You could feel that because of the Cold-War ending and the majority of America feeling the need to expand the military is usually not necessary, We urge you not to ride the same a record of thought. Having rogue claims still capable in making weapons of mass devastation (e. g. Iraq) and host of other states that despise the way of life, the imperative, right now more than ever, we stay militarily capable and ready to defend Unites states interest.

These days there is a large number of who believe that the United States will need to down grade military development because of a number of factors. First, the United States is definitely the remaining super-power in the world, a threat coming from an bloodthirsty country like North Korea or War seems ridiculous and very remote. Secondly we now have the realms most productive overall economy, allowing us to build and buy anything that meets our interest. Last and a lot importantly we certainly have and sustain the most dangerous armed forces known to man. Such factors leads us to believe that military spending is ineffective in regarding peace some further more, Americas most dangerous competitor (Soviet Union) is no longer a threat, but a supportive diplomatic interesting state. Metric scale system also feel that any additional spending on military strategy can and really should be directed toward other vital programs that affect our day to day lives including: health care, education, job-training, small-business development, in order to name a number of.

These factors and others happen to be valid, but it cannot blindfold us to the reality that war can occur any time. Not being ready and capable can be detrimental to life style and hinder our contemporary society, as a whole, to prosper forward6171. I highly advice you to adhere to my personal perspective, so you can assure Unites states growth and security well into the fresh millennium.

Semper Fidelis

Second Lieutenant Gerard Chretien, U. S. Meters. C.

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