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A monologue from the play simply by August Strindberg

NOTE: This kind of monologue can be reprinted via Plays by August Strindberg. Trans. Edith and Warner Oland. Boston: David W. Radiazione luminosa and Company., 1912.

JEAN: Do you know how people in high life seem from the below world? No of course you don\t. They look like hawks and eagles whose shells one almost never sees, for the rise up above. I lived in a hovel provided by the state of hawaii, with eight brothers and sisters and a pig, out on a barren stretch out where absolutely nothing grew, not really a forest, but from the window I could see the Count\s park surfaces with apple trees increasing above these people. That was your garden of paradise, and there stood many irritated angels with flaming swords protecting this, but for all of that I and also other boys located a way to the tree of lifenow you despise me personally. You state you don\t, but you despise me however. No matter! One time I came into the garden of paradiseit was going to weed the onion mattresses with my personal mother! Near to the orchard was standing a European pavilion, shaded and overgrown with jessamine and liqueur sweet wine. I didn\t know what it had been used for and i also had never seen anything at all so amazing. People handed in and out and one daythe door was left wide open. I sneaked in and beheld wall surfaces covered with pictures of kings and emperors and there were red-fringed curtains at the windowsnow you realize what I meanI I had never experienced the fort and how my thoughts leapedand there they will returned at any time after. Little by little the yearning came over me to have for once the pleasure ofenfin, I sneaked in and was bewildered. But then I heard an individual comingthere was only one exit for the truly amazing folk, but for me there was another, and i also had to choose that. When out I actually started to operate, scrambled by using a raspberry hedge, rushed over strawberry bed and found a stop for the rose terrace. For right now there I saw a figure in a white dress and light slippers and stockingsit was you! My spouse and i hid under a heap of weeds, beneath, you understand, where the thistles pricked me, and lay on the damp, list earth. I gazed at you walking among the roses. And i also thought in case it is true the fact that thief for the cross can enter nirvana and live among the angels it was odd that a pauper child upon God\s earth could not enter in the castle playground and play with the Countess\ daughter. Oh, Miss Julie, a dog may possibly lie on the couch of the Countess, a horse can be caressed by a lady\s palm, but a servantyes, certainly, sometimes there exists stuff enough in a guy, whatever this individual be, to swing himself up in the earth, but when does that happen! But to return to the storyline, do you know the things i did? I ran into the mill dam and threw myself in with my personal clothes onand was pulled out and got a thrashing. Nevertheless the following Weekend when all the family went to check out my grandmother I contrived to stay in the home, I clean myself very well, put on my own best clothes, such as they were, and attended church in order that I might see you. I saw you. Then I travelled home with my mind constructed to put an end to myself. But I desired to do it superbly and without soreness. Then I occurred to remember that elderberry blossoms are poisonous. I knew high was a big elderberry rose bush in full blossom and I removed it of its riches and made a bed than it in the oat-bin. Have you at any time noticed just how smooth and glossy rolled oats are? As soft like a woman\s equip. Well, I got in and let down the cover, fell sleeping, and when We awoke I was very ill, but didn\t dieas you observe. What I wantedI don\t know. You had been unattainable, yet through the vision of you I was designed to realize how hopeless it was to rise above the conditions of my birth.

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