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A monologue from the play by simply August Strindberg

NOTE: This monologue is definitely reprinted by Plays by August Strindberg. Trans. Edith and Warner Oland. Boston: Steve W. Barlume and Co., 1912.

JULES: We must disappear, but we have to talk first. That is, I need to speak, pertaining to until now you could have done every one of the talking. You have told me about the lifenow Let me tell you about my own, then all of us will know one another through and through prior to we start our quest together. The thing is, my mother was not of noble labor and birth. She was brought up with ideas of equality, woman\s freedom and all that. The lady had very decided viewpoints against marriage, and when my father courted her she reported that she’d never be his wifebut she succeeded for all that. I arrived to the world against my mother\s wishes, I recently found, and was brought up such as a child of nature simply by my mom, and trained everything that a boy must know too, I was to be an example of a lady being as good as a manI was made to go about it boy\s clothes and handle the mounts and control and saddle and look, and all may be, in fact , all around the estate females servants had been taught to do men\s work, with the effect being that the house came near staying ruinedand thus we became the having a laugh stock in the countryside. Eventually my father should have awakened from his bewitched condition, to get he revolted and went things in accordance to his ideas. My own mother started to be illwhat it had been I don\t know, nevertheless she generally had cramps and served queerlysometimes concealing in the attic room or the orchard, and even would be gone all night at times. In that case came the big fire which usually of course you may have heard about.

The home, the stableseverything was burnt, under instances that pointed strongly to a incendiary, intended for the misfortune happened the next day the quarterly insurance was due as well as the premiums submitted by my father were strangely delayed by simply his messenger so that they showed up too late. My dad was utterly at a loss to learn where to get funds to improve with. In that case my mother suggested that he try to borrow from a man who had been her friend in her youtha brick company here in the neighborhood. My father built the loan, yet wasn\t in order to pay any interest, which usually surprised him. Then the residence was rebuilt. Do you know who have burned your house? My mom. Do you know whom the stone manufacturer was? My mother\s lover. Did you know who\s cash it was? My own mother\s. There is no contract. My mother had some funds which she had not desired to have inside my father\s keeping and therefore, the lady had trusted it with her friend\s attention. All this reached my father\s knowledge. This individual couldn\t continue against him, wasn\t allowed to pay his wife\s good friend, and couldn\t prove that it absolutely was his wife\s money. That was my own mother\s revenge for his taking the reins of the institution into his own hands. At that time having been ready to blast himself. Chat had this that he tried and failed. Very well, he resided it downand my mom paid total penalty on her misdeed. Individuals were five terrible years for me, since you can fancy. I actually sympathized with my father, yet I took my mother\s part, to get I didn\t know the true circumstances. Through her My spouse and i learned to distrust and hate men, and I swore to her not to be a man\s slave.

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