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You will find two aspects which impact the content of your novel. These are the extrinsic components and the innate elements (Sukada, 1987: 47). Extrinsic factors are the factors comes from of literary work such as the components of history, sociable and lifestyle, psychology, faith and idea. Intrinsic components are the entire elements which make up framework of fictional work just like plot, establishing, theme, character, style, etc . this case, the writer will talk about the aspect of inbuilt elements within a novel that happen to be theme, story, setting, and character.

It is a small hard to investigate the intrinsic elements in a novel, mainly because many experts have different opinion to determine which included for the intrinsic elements. (1987: 54- 57). Gave some experts idea to define the intrinsic components. 1 . Jakob sumardjo stated that the intrinsic elements are: plot, figure, theme, establishing, atmosphere, style, and viewpoint.

2 . Wellek & Warren explained that the inbuilt elements are: plot, figure, setting, universe view, sculpt. 3. Taylor (1988: 2) the innate elements will be: plot, character, setting, motif, and viewpoint. The writer chooses Sumardjo’s idea which will be analyzed, some of those elements, there are theme, story, setting, and character.

1 . Theme Topic is the main conversation, which is put on important place in literary operate, M, T Hutagalung (in Ahmad Badrun, 1983: 85). William Kenny (1966: 89) adds the theme is neither ethical or the subject of the account. In addition , topic is which means the story releases. Moral is a simple kind of theme, because every one of themes of ethical. It can be said that theme is the central discussion the story released. Add moral is a simple sort topic. Opdhal (1968: 3) declared, theme is a idea or perhaps the concept intended in a short story. Most stories possess a theme or perhaps purpose regardless of seriously mcdougal chooses to provide it (Hamalian & Karl: 1978: 327).

A Theme of any story like plot probably stated extremely briefly or at a better length, having a simple or perhaps very simple story. We may be pleased to sum up the theme in a single sentence nevertheless we may think that a passage occasionally actually an article ” is required to state this adequatel. (Perin, 1978: 113). Theme may be the controlling and informing idea a literary work. Which usually writer articles is a the case or este true; a preposition which in turn he carried out to guards or strike (Duffy & Pettit, 1953: 125). Topic and character are often carefully related.

The characters typically symbolize an element of the theme. To observe the theme of a book, (Perine, 1978: 117). Explained that we should keep in mind the next principles. a) Theme must be expressible in the form of a statement which has a subject and predicate. b) Theme is actually a central and unifying notion of a story. Consequently , (a) it must account For each of the major details of the story, (b) the topic must not contradicted by any detail from the story, (c) the topic must not rely upon supposed specifics not actually stated or clearly implied by the story. c) Idea must condition as generalization about lifestyle.

d) There is not any one way of starting the theme of a story. e) We must take care not to makes generalizes larger than is usually justified by the terms of the tale. f) We ought to avoid virtually any statement that reduces the theme to some familiar saying that we have observed all our lives.

2 . Point of view The same as additional elements of fictional works, point of view, likewise ties together in the brief story mainly because each factor could not become separated with another types, point of view may be the author’s eyesight toward figure in the story (Rampan, 1995: 39). And this point of view strongly related to showing techniques of the author toward work of fiction. In this instance, the author’s view can give consideration that short account has made has to be a oneness of a story. Abrams (In Nurgiantoro, 1995: 248) specifies point of view as the approach that s i9000 used by mcdougal media expressing character. Behavior, setting and, and some events in kind a fictional work.

Furthermore, point of view could be mentioned since strategy, which in chosen freckly to reveal tips and experience Both concepts and ideas and activities are useful to determine the information of intrinsic components, particularly perspective. Kamaly (2005: 14) declared that point of view is known as a way in delivering a tale. Therefore , it’s a kind of approach of the author in informing all events in that tale. Abram, (In Nurgiantoro, 2002: 249) said that point of view identifies the way a tale is advised. it is a way and or the lovely view used by creator as a moderate in providing the character, actions, setting, and the events. This individual and him ” do it yourself concludes that time of perspective is essentially a strategy, technique, and tactic which are used and selected by a writer in informing story. Nurgiantoro (2002: 242 ” 271) divides standpoint into 3 kinds they are really: third solitary person, first-person and mixed point of view.

a) Third ” single person

It is point of view in which the narrator is a great out said, it then gives all characters by term or pronoun. Nelson, Dorothy, and Mrs Brand, or perhaps him, her and all of them. The author does not included in the story in this type of story telling the narrator can tell every thing about the storyplot or the character in information. This method of story-telling is usually called “the eye of god” because the narrator is put or put himself as the almighty like who have knows anything. When the narrator comes as in observer only, it called limited omniscient narration in which the narrator will only know among the character’s felling, attitude, and behavior this point of look at is divided into two sorts they are: the first, solitary limited narrator or he / she limited, the second, third solitary person omniscient. In third single person. Limited, the narrator tells about every thing the physique, knows, listens to, and sees, however it is restricted to one number only. The omniscient point of view or third person omniscient is a manner in which the story can be told viewpoint “he” though the narrator can tell everything about figure. Hence the narrator understands everything.

b) First Single Person

With this kind of viewpoint the author employed “I” becomes one of persona in the tale. The narrator tells about him self, each of the experiences he got through physically, I ” in this type viewpoint the character i actually comes as a narrator whom tells about himself or perhaps everything he found, listens to, and feel. This type of point of view is divided in to two; they are “I” as a key character, and “I” since additional figure when “I” becomes the key character inside the story. He may tell every thing about him self. All of her knowledge, seems and experiences. In short he tell exactly about he him self. When the “I” comes up since an additional persona, he from this position comes as a observe only who also knows a little that happen to the main figure. The main work of the personality in this case is just to serve the story.

c) Mixing Point Of View

The author occasionally tells from the beginning part of phase by using first person single narrator. In other phase the author improvements his tactic by using third single person narrator. It is usually seen in among sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s (1987 job entitled “a study I scarlet. Thus this type of viewpoint is called combining of standpoint. Furthermore, Sumardjo and Saini (1986: 83 ” 84). There are four types viewpoint, they are (1) omniscient stage view. the author freely sharing with characters in the story. They will determine themselves what they want to do, author knew all about the characters while the pronoun “she/he ” (Nurgiyantoro, 95: 275). (2) Objective perspective, the writers work as in omniscient however, not reveal a comment to the story.

Visitors are offered genuine situation with no change the actual meaning. Allowing the readers know the content of story openly. (Keegen, 1997). (3) first-person point of view, the author tell himself as the Pronoun “I”, sometime informing his knowledge based on the though method. (4) observer point of view, the writer might choose characters to share with their encounters, ideas and feelings but these characters just show for the readers about what they have found. In short, a writer may works two sorts of point of view in his work. He may use third single person and initially single person in one story. He also may use third single person omniscient narrator and third single person limited narrator.

3. Plot Plot is acknowledged as a sequence of incidents created by author to see the story. In many of reports, these incidents rise away of conflict experiences by main persona. The issue isn’t are derived from internal simply but issue comes from anything external too, Stanton (In Nurgiantoro, 2002: 113) declared that plot is usually story made up of series of events. However , the causality aspect only attaches each these event. A single event brought on the different event to occur. Nurgiantoro (2002: 115) declared that plot is the reflection from the character’ t behavior and attitude in acting, pondering, felling, and facing the difficulties of existence he or she encounters.

However not all of the individual experiences called plot. Additionally , he added that the celebration, attitude, and behavior of human being will called a story if they may have special type. Syamsir Aripin because (In Kuswari’s, 2005: 14) said that story is a great integration of series of incidents that constructed as practical interrelation. Plot reveals situations to use just in their temporal but also their origin relationship, storyline makes us aware of incidents not merely since element in provisional, provisory series but also while an increate pattern of cause and effect. Additionally , the readers will be aware of soonly regarding the end in the story because they just commence reading the novel. Yet , they will not find out about process or perhaps each depth of story until the last page of it, mixing story, in a range. Some regions of the story will be tells chronologically and the others are the flash back. Crises are the circumstance where as the character is offer description by author’s attitude. Climax is a moment from the greatest psychological tension therefore those conflicts in the history slow down. Summary is quality of the tale.

4. Placing Setting is illustration of times and areas. It can also consist of complex aspect such as traditional moment the story occupies or it’s social context, mainly because particular locations and instances have impersonality or emotional essence. Setting was likewise one of principal ways that a fiction copy writer established feelings. When and where occasions occur happen to be calls setting. They will become background from the story. Consequently , the readers from the story could possibly get information about the condition and the condition of the spots and instances as the takes places. Aminudin (In Kuswari, 2005: 16). Discussed that placing is qualifications of incident in hype.

Setting refers to place, period relationship, and social environment in which the incidents taken place. Placing can be broken into two; physical and spiritual setting. Physical setting identifies place and time. Spritual setting identifies custom, custom, believe and value in the society where the event occurs. (Nurgiantoro, 2002: 218). It can be concluded that setting is history. of history the event illustrate. It identifies merely towards the physical although also to non ” physical. The physical environment my contain place and space specifically road, estuaries and rivers and house. In addition , not ” physical setting or spiritual environment refers to believe, costume, custom and value as well.

your five. Character Persona is a person in a perform or tale (Duffy & Pettit, 1953: 24) Personality development requires both physical descriptive and classification with the mental and spiritual qualities of the person (Opdhal, 1968: 3). Stanton stated regarding story provides the major personality. its persona, which is relevant to every event in the story, usually it is going to show the change both in the character itself or perhaps act toward the character. According to foster (Taylor, 81: 65) figure is divided in two types: flat and round character. Flat persona is less the representation of human persona than the embodiment of a one attitude or perhaps obsession within a character. Engender this telephone calls kind of persona flat because we see only one side of him.

A flat character that never impresses the readers can be immediately familiar and usually could be represented like a single formula. Milley and Clueley (1904: 27) divided characters in two classes. They are the main and the slight characters. The main characters are that a central to the actions, so continuous in there presents. In which it truly is expected which the author check out their have up and motivation extensively. While the minimal character while miller, stated has found by all of us as they think about on the individual that support difficulties character so that the major persona action become live and logical while the real lifestyle.

Round personas are these fictional creation who has intricate many faceted personalities and an independent interior life which will itself encourages our interest. Round heroes can shock the readers with out credibility. A round persona can surprise the readers with no loosing credibility of a persona. He must end up being credible, all of us as a target audience want him to be well-known similar in a few aspects in people we have well-known, so that we are able to relate to him can understand, can just like or dislike him. We might conclude that complexity of characters has a tendency to produce lifelikeness in the world of fiction. Round character is more lifelike than toned character realistic is one form of relevance.

No genuine human being could be adequately summed up in solution as a flat character. No reader of fiction will be willing to admit that they can be summed up. True human beings are capable of surprising us. The circular character may surprise all of us; and the toned character are not able to. A character can be consistent with what we should have learned regarding. To identify heroes in a story or story the author might use three ways: a) The author lets us know whether he could be like simply by exposition or analysis. b) The character reveals himself through his speeches and actions. c) The response of other characters to him suggested what type of a person he’s.

6. Design Style can be not quite different from point of view, exactly where style highlights toward telling techniques regarding characters, after which point of view may be the author’s way to express characters. Aminuddin (2003: 72) and Keraf (1985: 112) identified style comes from Latin Vocabulary (slilus), can be described as tool intended for writing. Furthermore style turn into skill capacity reveal suggestions and visual word and may express this is beyond sense touch and readers feelings in other words. Very good literary are works that contain harmony and aesthetic language and produce readers aren’t boring, appreciate and experience empathy, it depends on author’s skill tips on how to express style, in other phrase skill is author character (Somardjo and Saini, 1986: 92) or perhaps techniques disclose thoughts through typical terminology, which showing author and soul and personality (Goris Keraf, 85: 113).

Design is fiction refers to chinese conventions utilized to construct the storyplot; fiction freelance writers can shape diction content structure, phrasing, dialog, and also other aspects of language to create the look. Thus, a story’s tale could be described as richly detailed. Going and hardly controlled. Or sparing and minimalist to reflect the straightforward sentence buildings and low range of terminology. By using distinct style in the short history, the readers also acquired several atmosphere by a story. Generally, old authors have strong style to express their operate; different with young writers are still buying a format, also styles of old writers will probably be followed by young writers, (Sumarjdo Saini, 1986: 92). Dialect is central equipment that is used by the authors to reveal their particular commendations.

On the other hand literary dialect has own target that different with languages of magazine, magazine and daily language. The using of literary style is based on 3 fundamental matter, they are; (1) diction, (2) the form of word inside the sentence (3) tone (Rampan, 1993: 63). The three critical matters can avoke experts typical that compare it with others. Kerap (In Rampan, 95: 63) claims that. “Style is a component to diction that confers ideal word usage in certain term to face particular situation. Due to phenomenon of fashion covering most language hierarchy; diction independently, phrase, offer and content or cover all discourses generally.


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