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Negative Effects of Technology

“Only at the time you dream it, you can do this. ” We firmly believe in this motivational line by great Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, who was the founder of Reliance Industries. He is my personal role model, and I aspire to make a positive difference in people’s lives and lead towards the country’s economic growth, the same way he did. Creating a Development Real Estate firm with functions across borders has been years as a child dream.

Being given birth to into a middle section class family did not end me coming from being deeply curious about the workings of the company by which my father was working. On weekends, We would visit the stock where my father worked and try to learn about the creation process, and on my approach home, I would ask him endless questions about the procurement of raw materials, packaging, cost of operating hefty machinery, marketing strategies, and so on. As I grew up, My spouse and i started to learn about Construction Organization from various forums, my own conversations with my father concerning Construction organization became more meaningful and educative.

I believe technology plays an essential role inside the growth of virtually any industry, especially one which is involved in primary engineering. This belief led me to pursue my personal bachelor’s degree in Detrimental Engineering, that we successfully gained with a first class distinction by B. H. Abdur Rahman University, Chennai.

Encounter is vital for just about any person to have a real understand of how specifically an industry functions. Therefore , after completing my undergrad studies, I joined one of India’s oldest, most powerful and various conglomerates ” Godrej Group. In the past two years of working with this prestigious group as Asst Director ” Software Management, I have gained a first-hand knowledge of how big business operate, manage different difficulties, and frequently propel forwards.

My experience as an employee in Godrej features taught me a great deal about generating qualified prospects for the organization, networking, marketing, and dealing with complex scenarios in a tasteful manner. Even though I have learnt a whole lot at work, I have believed the need for formal knowledge of certain technical and managerial aspects of construction organization from time to time. In order to sharpen my construction management skills, I believe a MEng in Municipal Engineering with specialization in Construction supervision is the want of the hour for me. I therefore give up my job at Godrej, and devoted myself full-time to prepare pertaining to my higher studies.

In the long term, I want to establish my Construction Real estate property firm, which would have presence in multiple countries, presently there by causing the country’s economic growth and acquiring India one step nearer to being an monetary super electrical power.

A MEng may be the only level which will help me gain a great in-depth understanding of managing intricate construction projects. The different segments of the MEng program will hone my skills to manage big and complex projects. I found these kinds of modules in University of Concordia. The MEng software struck me personally as a healthy one, giving plenty of market exposure. I look forward to improving my knowledge from my personal peer group as well as the quests like construction management. Studying in a richly diverse environment such as Canada will allow me personally the opportunity to communicate and network with learners from several countries, and allow me to become a truly global citizen. The gorgeous campus, the outstanding teachers, and the great state of Quebec on its own, are all factors that have influenced my decision to pursue my MEng in Canada. We would consider myself extremely blessed to go after my MEng in Canada, and can try to carry out utmost rights to my admission.

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