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American Family Insurance coverage Company (AFLAC), a Fortune 500 company, and their Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dan Amos, were lately recognized by Ethiosphere Magazine while the World’s Most Moral Company pertaining to the fourth consecutive year (Aflac Named The majority of Ethical Business for Next Consecutive Year, March 2013). This prize is given to companies who demonstrate a commitment to ethical leadership, company social responsibility, and up to date practices. More info about the methodology and selection criteria and the complete list of the 2013 World’s Most Ethical Companies can be viewed at http://ethisphere.


“The research-based Ethisphere Commence is a leading international think-tank dedicated to the creation, growth and posting of guidelines in business ethics, corporate interpersonal responsibility, anti-corruption, and durability. Ethisphere Mag, which publishes the worldwide recognized Planet’s Most Moral Companies Position, is the quarterly publication with the Institute (Aflac Named Many Ethical Business for Last Consecutive Yr, March 2013). AFLAC features won this award several times.

Serta Amos began his career at AFLAC in 1973 as a revenue representative.

He was offered to Director in 1987, Chief Working Officer (COO) in 1990, and Ceo (CEO) and Chairman of the Board in 2001 ( Reference for people who do buiness, Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd edition, and. d. ).

During the first four years as the CEO of Aflac, earnings grew by $2. six billion to $9. 6 billion. Amos was accountable for the marketing campaign that featured the Aflac Duck. By simply 2004, polls reported that AFLAC as well as mascot Sweet was identified by 96 percent of all Us citizens. Aflac’s earnings has increased over time and now is reported to exceed $25. 4 billion dollars (AFLAC in a flash, 2013).

This kind of quote by Amos is very indicative of his philosophy, Give the employees everything they need to succeed, and they will give everything they can to help the company succeed (AFLAC Named Many Ethical Firm for Fourth Consecutive Year, March 2013). Ethical execute according to Baack 2012 is the visible words and deeds built to seek the purpose of integrity in everyday business.

Dan Amos has invested donations to fund cancer exploration and developed Georgia’s AFLAC Cancer Center at Atlanta’sEgleston Children’s Clinic. To date AFLAC has raised over $79 million in donations to children’s tumor. Every professional within AFLAC must signal and abide by the Code of Values for Leader and Older Financial Officials. Here is the overview for this doc.

Everyone is required to comply with each of the laws, rules, and polices that control the carry out of our organization. Senior Representatives have further leadership duties, which include creating a culture an excellent source of ethical specifications and determination to compliance, maintaining a piece environment that encourages employees to raise concerns and rapidly addressing staff compliance issues (Code of Conduct, September 2013).

Every Senior Officers must survey any suspected violation of the Code intended for Senior Officers. Any violations of this Code for Older Officers may be subject to disciplinary action, up to termination. This kind of code of conduct can be repeated throughout this whole organization at every level.

Their very own reputation is considered one of their most valuable possessions. They shield their standing as tightly as they guard the physical assets with the company. This year marks the 23rd 12 months that Lalu Amos has been the CEO of AFLAC. During his period, there have never been any kind of corporate scandals or any vérité of business wrong work. Dan Amos and AFLAC have grown this business for the premise that ethics is going to equal earnings. Aflac’s success is based on honest dealings with customers, a fair product for a fair cost, treating personnel with value, and spending a fair income.


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