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Ethical Lens Inventory Results pertaining to DESIREE

Your preferred lens is:

Rights and Responsibility Zoom lens

You utilize your reasoning skills (rationality) to determine your duties and also the universal guidelines that each person should stick to (autonomy).

The Core Values: Autonomy and Rationality

You prioritize the value of autonomy over equality. Your primary matter is protecting individual rights. You believe this can be the best way to assure that everyone in the community is definitely treated pretty. You prioritize the value of rationality over sensibility.

You believe general rules are present that apply equally to everyone and the best answers are achieved through consistent application of the widespread rules.

Your Classical Principles: Temperance

You value individual stability and constraint in the wish for pleasure as you seek to meet your responsibilities. You also understand who you are, to help you act with integrity inside the exercise of all the virtues.

Your Key Phrase: “I am accountable. 

Because you value autonomy and rationality, you are likely to assume that the own meanings of exactly what a university responsible person should do connect with everyone.

Your Definition of moral behavior: Fulfilling duties

You establish an ethical person together who fulfills their duties and does the ideal thing while an independent, fully-responsible mature. For you, this can be the fullest phrase of fairness and justice.

Your Equipment for studying problems: Purpose

Making use of your critical considering skills is usually your preferred means for learning and problem-solving. You tend to consider a problem cautiously and exploration options to obtain the one that will let you fulfill your duties. You focus on gathering and examining all the available data so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Your Present: Self-knowledge

Because you are concerned with figuring out the duties, if you are at your finest you know your self ” you know both what you are doing and why. Because of this, when you declare you will take a step or care for someone, you follow through. You are also able to are in the present, to determine what you need to do at any given moment to satisfy your responsibilities.

The Blind location: Belief that motive justifies method

Because you are so clear about your reasons behind acting, you tend to think that the objective justifies the process. You may accidentally cause persons upset and pain mainly because you are incredibly focused on the good objective. You are likely to believe that integrity is a pair of universal rules that everyone must follow, in the same way you do. You follow the rules ” everyone should.

Your Risk: Getting autocratic (bossy)

With no self-knowledge, you run the risk to become autocratic. You might need everyone to do things your way in order to compare ethically. You tend not to consider other understanding of the facts or listen to other approaches once you have made-up your mind.

The Temptation: Excuses

If you are not focusing, you can be lured to reason yourself from following the guidelines. You persist that you really happen to be being faithful to your key values, even if you are not. Likely to convince your self that the guidelines were intended for other people or that the action you want to take really does meet your responsibilities ” even though the “Responsible Self tells you otherwise.

Your Vice: Becoming judgmental and legalistic

With out self-knowledge, you are able to become excessively rigid within your expectations, resulting in legalism whenever you obsess more than minute particulars. You will also turn into judgmental so when others will not fulfill (what you believe are) their responsibilities, you will be speedy to label them while unethical.

The Crisis: Getting exhausted

Unless you develop the practice of mindfulness and expression, at some point you are going to become tired. No one can meet up with all of the commitments that the “Responsible Self has on the to-do list. If you have handful of friends, it may be because you are so judgmental that you travel everyone apart.

Your Seeing Clearly: Tune in to your cardiovascular system

To see more evidently, check to see whether your instinct, your heart, agrees with your mind. To find stability, explore the gifts of the other lenses ” flexibility and a concern for the whole community. As you consider what the duty is usually, remember that others may see the specific situation differently or need different supports to satisfy their obligations. Also remember to consider the impact of your decision generally community. Occasionally an individual in fact benefits by restraining autonomy for the excellent of the community. As you learn how to consider the perspectives more in your making decisions process, you will live out the very best of your ideals with consideration and look after others.

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