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Individuals were what spoken in my experience in the back of my mind. I came to know as time passes spent in the Army it had been very important to ensure someone knew where I was at all period. Not just intended for accountability uses but the Army is like a family group a big friends and family. Where once we deploy you watch the solider again beside both you and you watch there’s, he’s your brother in some cases and perhaps maybe your sister since we do have female in the army.

But the point I’m trying to get across is usually your own family back home adores you and take care of you and problems about you. And the army is definitely the same way or in other words of for those who have a great cycle command, you aren’t just a name on a perstat, A-162 or possibly a number in the unit nevertheless you’re a person a brother in arms that signed willing to protect this great country of ours we love.

We all have some kind of life outside of the military but while we are inside the army we have people over us who also are more just like our much larger but in a military method who designed to help lead us and guide all of us to what the army needs from all of us. I used to always think to myself “All I have had to do is usually be in the best place, on the right time, inside the right uniform I used to merely repeat that in my mind every single day and keep reproducing those suggestions to be success in the Army.

Many years went by and all I thought to myself, “is that I have to do? Be in the ideal place, with the right time, in the right standard. Do my personal job which is all I’m required to perform.  This my problem now following 10 years inside the Army. I believe that in just about any organization, military or nonmilitary, the cream of the skill should rise to the top. Being at the right place and right time may be the base of everything we perform in life. Gift gets promoted on their merit and succeeds to higher and higher positions and positions. The people at the top should be the greatest at what they do. And when you get marketed to the ranking of SGT, SSG, as well as a SPC you should area soldier be aware that it is important that they make the right alternatives not just for his or her sakes but for the unit benefit you are part of the as well as if a thing happens to you it could get a big issue to get the unit if perhaps something occurs you. That bond you may have created with your brothers in arms can be described as bond it is difficult to load that relationship takes months to build.

A Sargent should be the most competent to lead a Squad successfully, understanding every factor of his lower enlisted, Treating them just like a person with issue and helping all of them understand that in the event that there nota there appointed place with the right time they will worry if something has happened to them if they happen to be alive but not that they failed to show up at the time they were advised. We are all individual we may become called superhuman sometime, or possibly a robot but once you take care of your military under you as a little brother perception not stating babying although more of mentoring and value I believe the soldier would try to be more like His Sargent (big Brother) Do not get me incorrect I may believe that in order to succeed, you only need to be in the “right place, at the best, in the correct uniform. 

But 2 weeks . start so when we are at the bottom of the représentation pole that is all that is necessary of us. Whenever we become a SPC or higher all of us encourage or perhaps fellow siblings in hands under us that it is vital that you be with the Be in the best place, at the right time, inside the right standard because when were used and we have a objective and simple at 1600hrs and your SP is at 1630hrs and your responsibility is to be suited up and ready to go you need to be in the proper place, at the most fortunate time, in the proper uniform therefore you are not the delay with the mission and this is the reason why we practice to Be in the right place, with the right time, inside the right standard when were back in the states we have capricious things that happen with family and actually our own action.

So while we are her in our daily life we have tested by things. Within my case in December 2012 I was busted on fake charges as well as the unit forgotten me and lied in my experience. I was informed it was a good deal to take and I could rejoin the unit, my brothers. The plea deal was to get an M-2 Child Abuse (neglat on the child) meaning my son was not in reach of me and he would have fell and hurt him self. When I had taken that package I was advised by my own command 1SG and Commander they were to back me up and my 1SG stated he would speak for me. Once i got out the army CRC did their particular investigation and found me blameless which my own chain of command would not tell me they were going to do.

Yet even though they will army located me faithful my 1SG lied in my experience and try to phase me on the other than professional and advised the separation board We lied to him of course, if I did not do it I will have slept in imprisonment till I used to be found faithful. He lied to you and pledger zed him self on the phone through the hearing. Plus the acting commander of rear end detachment said recently known as me a “S**** bag being unsure of I was right out of his available office door.

I will try to Be in the ideal place, in the right time, inside the right standard to set an illustration to the fresh soldiers inside the unit to encourage these people that though my time is brief inthe army I do what I’m likely to because My spouse and i still love this Military I may not really agree with my own chain of command although I agree with all the tradition of the army and Being inside the right place, at the right time, inside the right uniform, and inspiring and instructing the new soldiers to become an outstanding soldier and brother to one another in the backside and entrance lines because we are children and we need to act like one particular.


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